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The Power of Labradorite

Feb 15, 2021 1 comment
The Power of Labradorite

The last few years of my life were the most challenging yet the most beautiful ones as well. Ever since I made that conscious decision to devote myself to my personal growth, somehow, even the ups and downs in life, were fitting perfectly into the bigger picture, helping me create a beautiful life for myself.

Unfortunately, it’s very easy in this day and age to suppress your emotional needs, and to find distractions in every corner to avoid dealing with yourself. Especially if you have a busy lifestyle, like me. However, just because you have the easy way out, that doesn’t mean that you should take it. Working on yourself is hard, and challenging, and sometimes a lot of time can pass before you finally understand yourself – but it’s well worth the peace in your soul.

Back when I first started on my personal growth journey, I wasn’t really sure where to start because I didn’t understand my most basic, and major struggles. It took me a while to realize that, running on autopilot mode for the longest time has put me completely out of touch with my inner self. It took me a long time to get out of my comfort zone, even just a little bit, to try anything new. Getting out of the comfort zone is always scary and unsettling; however, after reflecting on the journey I went through I now understand that for me, getting out of it was especially hard simply because I didn’t trust myself enough that I was making the right decision. It turns out that I was so out of touch with my inner self, and my intuition from the long years I passed on autopilot mode, that I lost all communication with myself. And when I did that, I slowly but surely lost all faith in myself.

Thankfully, one of the best habits I started that completely transformed my life – crystal healing, helped me heal myself consistently, and through that process, I rebuilt myself and restored trust in myself. In fact, there was one specific crystal that helped me the most when it came to reconnecting with my inner self and re-building trust in myself – Labradorite. Today I am sharing with you the benefits of the nourishing Labradorite, and everything you need to know about it!

What is the spiritual meaning of Labradorite?

Labradorite is one of the best crystals in the crystal world when it comes to connection. Many people use it to enhance connection with their inner selves or to connect with the Universe and its endless flow. If Labradorite caught your eye, then you might be in need of rebuilding trust with yourself, or perhaps your Throat Chakra needs healing since Labradorite is a crystal that deeply connects with the throat chakra.

Spiritually, Labradorite emits energy frequencies that help in personal growth, by suppressing and protecting you from your own negative and toxic patterns. If you often feel disconnected with yourself, or like you are stuck in the same old circle of habits, then Labradorite’s nourishing energy will help you to find the courage within to break off the endless cycle of hurt.

What I love the most about Labradorite is that, whenever you wear it or work with it, it seems like all those scripts in your mind that run in the background, and do you no good, finally quiet down, and you have a chance to see yourself, your true self, in the most realistic and magnificent light, exactly as you are – beautiful and strong.

The Benefits Of Labradorite

The silly thing is, that Labradorite wasn’t on my to-buy list when I went to my favorite crystal shop. Back when I was just a crystal healing beginner, I was entirely overwhelmed by the amount of crystal that there are in the crystal world. That is why I tried to learn about crystals, and work with them one type of crystal at a time. And even though I always stuck to my learning process, I felt an immediate connection with Labradorite. Still, I wanted to keep to my little list, however, no matter how much I tried I couldn’t get my eyes off the beautiful Labradorite.

Finally, I decided I’d trust myself for a bit, and instead of the crystals on my list, I picked up Labradorite. And ever since I picked it up, the trust in myself, in my intuition and inner self grew exponentially over time. Often when I look back at this moment, I know that in that very moment, my intuition re-awakened and since then, has never failed me. Labradorite affected me deeply on a spiritual level – I felt more understanding towards myself, I felt calmer, nurtured, and my intuition was finally speaking to me. Healing myself with Labradorite was a beautiful healing process, that truly changed my life for the better. There are so many benefits of working with Labradorite, and here are some of them:

Balances the Throat Chakra

Labradorite is a crystal that is well-known for its ability to interact, connect, and balance with the Throat Chakra - the energy center in your body responsible for communication and expression. Whenever you are in doubt of yourself, and who you truly are, you will have difficulty expressing yourself, and showing your truth to the world. Connection and belonging in the world is very important, and it can’t occur when you are unable to express yourself properly.

Labradorite is one of the best crystals to work with, when it comes to balancing your Throat Chakra because it helps self-exploration, self-connection, and most importantly, self-expression.

I wholeheartedly recommend working with a Natural Labradorite Om Mala as you meditate to heal your Throat Chakra. This beautiful mala was crafted specifically to help you enhance inner and outer connection.

Helps To Instill Calmness To An Overthinking Mind

One of the biggest struggles I had ever since I was a little child, was overthinking. For me, even the most logical and simple answer had to be thought, re-thought, and re-evaluated until I reach the ‘right’ decision. The truth is, I was so afraid to make the wrong decision, that I wanted to somehow avoid making decisions altogether. This was exactly the mindset that started to eat away at my trust for me, and slowly but surely the anxiety of overthinking a decision threw me into a constant state of avoidance that left my self-trust barely existent.

Once I started to work with Labradorite, my mind started to calm down. All the background programs faded, and every meditation session it felt like a huge part of my mind was freed from clutter. It almost felt like I could take a breath again after not breathing for a long, long time. It was a beautiful healing process that gave me the space to get to know myself a little better.


Furthermore, I noticed that through the work with Labradorite, I gained the exceptional skill to instill calmness to my overthinking mind – especially when a decision needs to be made. Working with Labradorite shifted the scales for me – I am the master of my own mind, instead of the other way around.

Enhances Inner & Outer Connection

Besides helping you instill calmness in your soul and mind, Labradorite is an exceptional crystal that helps in enhancing the connection with your inner self and the Universe through that calmness. You see, when the waves within calmed down, it’s much easier to see yourself, and get to know yourself. And once you do that, you can fix any deformed perceptions that you have of yourself.

My closest family and friends always relied on me, they trusted me and loved me deeply. They loved me because they viewed what I couldn’t because of all the inner clutter. They relied on me and trusted me, yet I myself didn’t trust myself or relied on myself because I was unable to see myself.

As I worked with Labradorite, I finally enhanced my connection with myself, my intuition lighted up, and I finally understood myself. The more I understood myself, the more that sense of connection to the Universe enhanced a sense of belonging and understanding. 

I truly hope that my journey with Labradorite will help you decide whether this wonderful healing crystal is for you! Have you worked with Labradorite, and would you? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • I have worked some with Labradorite. I wasn’t guite sure why it felt so good, warm, when I picked it up. But i laid it down to soon. Thank u for your insight.

    Shar on

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