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How to utilize summer energy for Personal Growth

Summer is here, and an energy shift is on the horizon. The days are longer, the sun is shining, and all that beautiful summer energy surrounds and embraces us, giving us a boost to push forward on our spiritual paths.


With all of that abundance of energy, vibrancy, and joy, it's the perfect time to utilize this wonderful summer energy for personal growth. Over the years, I slowly learned to tune in to the shifts of energy and use them as a compass into which direction my spiritual growth practice should move. Today, I’d like to share with you how to fully utilize this magnificent summer energy to fuel inner personal growth:

Harnessing Summer Energy


While I have been feeling completely vibrant this year, in some of my previous years I felt low on energy, even amidst the sea of summer abundance. So, I started focusing more on harnessing summer energy. There are many practices you can do to revitalize your energy, but I’ve found spending more time in nature and charging my solar plexus chakra the most helpful during summer.

Connect with Nature


Mother Nature is beaming with life during summer, the birds are chirping, the flowers and trees are vibrant and the sun is wrapping us in its warm embrace. And we as her children, have a special connection with nature, that often gets thinned and temporarily lost in the everyday work-eat-sleep lifestyle. If you want to recharge yourself, spending even a few minutes in nature during a short walk during the day can make all the difference.


Even reading a few pages of your favourite book in your local park, or going on a local easy hiking trail can also bring you back in touch with nature and help you harness summer energy. Furthermore, you can also organize a day trip to all the places in nature you keep saving to visit, and yet you postpone them indefinitely.


And if your summer vacation is coming up, you can always make the conscious decision to spend even a little of your vacation time in nature, daily.


Solar Plexus Charging


The Solar Plexus is more or less your center of self-confidence - the place from which your willpower, determination, and motivation come. When the Solar Plexus Chakra is properly working and balanced, you will stand tall, in your inner power, fully brimming with energy and joy. Sometimes when you feel drained even in the beautiful summer energy, it might indicate your Solar Plexus chakra needs a little boost.


There are a few ways to charge your Solar Plexus Chakra, but the most convenient way for myself is to do so through crystal healing. Sometimes when I notice my energy is down, I simply wear my Motivation Tiger Eye Wrap Bracelet. The tiger eye is a stone that deeply connects to the Solar Plexus Chakra, enhancing inner power, strength and motivation. When I feel more depleted, then I like to focus for a few minutes, holding my bracelet, visualizing my Solar Plexus Chakra as my inner sun, powerful, vibrant, full of light, joy, and power.


Keeping your Summer Energy Vibrant


If your energy levels are up, and you feel full of life and are ready to work on your personal growth, that’s wonderful. It’s always exciting to work on your future, and becoming your best self, but pacing yourself can also be a great step towards your spiritual growth journey.


On my path, while I was bringing my summer energy levels up daily, I noticed that often I would burn them out far too quickly. That’s why I wholeheartedly recommend - yes, fully immersing yourself in summer energy, create, love, laugh, enjoy. But also pace yourself to keep your energy well-balanced and constant. Here is how to do it:


Ground and Balance yourself


Each morning, take a few deep breaths and just be mindful and present in this wonderful morning. Doing a few gentle stretches, simply observing your body, or simply taking the time to fully taste and be grateful for each sip of your morning coffee is a wonderful way to be more present. And if you feel like you need a bit more anchoring, then you can always ground yourself by wearing Natural Purple Jasper Lotus Mala. The frequency of Jasper is very calming and steady, helping you anchor yourself in the present moment, and leaving behind over-thinking and worrying about the future.


Be Mindful of who you share your energy with

With the longer days, and your energy levels up, it’s also important to be more mindful of who you share your energy with, and for how long. While the weather is perfect for catching up with friends, (that connection in itself can be your step on your personal growth path), however, be mindful of your social calendar.


Even the most extroverted person can burn out if your calendar is always booked 🙂 Be mindful of your energy levels, and schedule catch-ups and social evenings with king, loving friends, family, acquaintances, or partners that bring you up accordingly.

Focusing your Summer Energy


Finally, summer in itself is a time for revitalizing yourself, and once you do so, you’re ready to manifest your dreams, goals and desires. It’s the perfect time to revisit your goals, and ask yourself - is this still what I’d like to achieve? And if so, fully focus on manifesting the goals that bring you joy and excitement.


If you’d like to team up with a crystal to help you manifest your goals, I wholeheartedly recommend meditating and visualizing your goals daily with the Natural White Quartz Wrap Bracelet. White Quartz is a crystal of manifestation, once you set a goal, it will store, and then amplify energy towards manifesting that goal. It’s a beautiful crystal to work with at any time of the year, especially in the summer!

I hope you found my tips helpful, and that you will utilize summer energy, and fuel yourself on your growth journey!


I’m curious, which tip do you find most helpful?

Let me know in the comments below!

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