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4 Best Malas To Use For Spring Renewal

May 13, 2022 0 comments
4 Best Malas To Use For Spring Renewal

  As the seasons change, so does our energy. With spring here, everything is awakening, blooming, and renewing. And because of that, spring is such a wonderful time to give your spirit a boost of new, beautiful healing and transformative energy. For me, personally, spring has always been the time when I would get out of my little shell of comfort and give myself the chance for spiritual growth, but also for renewing my spirit.


Spring has always inspired me to give space for self-transformation and evolution, which helped me immensely on my path towards spiritual growth. I give space to starting a new habit, practice, or simply working with different healing crystals to improve old parts of myself, while discovering and growing new, better parts of myself. It truly is the time of renewal, and if you want to make the most of it, today I am sharing with you the best malas for spring renewal:


Natural Amazonite Lotus Mala



First up, let’s start with one of my favorite spring renewal stones - amazonite. Amazonite is one of those healing crystals that radiates with calming, soothing energies. When I first started working with Amazonite, I remember how calm I felt in its presence even before I touched it, or had a chance to work with it.


When I finally worked with the Natural Amazonite Lotus Mala, it was truly a beautiful experience. All the chatter, all the anger, all the chaos inside me faded bit by bit into nothing. The calmness in my mind, the silence in my soul - it gave me an immense sense of relief and inner balance. I finally felt like the old parts of me quieted down, and allowed space for me to discover new parts of myself. It was such a wonderful time of self-discovery, clarity, and much needed renewal. I wholeheartedly recommend using the Natural Amazonite Lotus Mala during spring or whenever you need to renew yourself, and to enhance inner balance.


 Natural African Turquoise Lotus Mala



If you’d like to focus on renewing and starting a new chapter in your life this Spring, then there is no better crystal to work with than African Turquoise. This beautiful healing mala is perfect for self-evolution and personal transformation. Personally, I started working with the Natural African Turquoise Lotus Mala at a period of time in my life, when I seriously needed a change. I just couldn’t keep going the way I did before, and needed to find the calling of my soul instead of just wandering aimlessly through life. Working with the Natural African Turquoise Lotus Mala was truly a profound experience.


I like to use this mala during Spring whenever I’m in need of renewal, revitalization and self-evolution. Because African Turquoise is a stone of manifestation, and a natural energy enhancer, it helps to energize yourself and find new possibilities in life. I wholeheartedly recommend using it during Spring, since it empowers and embodies the spirit of Spring so well!


Natural Rhodochrosite Lotus Mala



Spring is such a beautiful time to be alive, when everything in nature blooms, grows and just is a part of the masterpiece of our beautiful mother Nature. Everything keeps growing, everything changes day in and day out. A little sunlight over here, a little sunlight over there, and suddenly everything has grown, everything has changed, and yet it’s perfectly placed, perfectly belonging to mother Nature. A couple of years ago when I started my healing journey, a big part of it was that I felt an immense state of not belonging. I had all these connections in my life, so many friends, loved ones, yet I always felt out of place. As I started to work on healing myself, I noticed that I felt out of place, because I didn’t make place within myself for the most important person - myself. I didn’t accept myself, I didn’t honor myself, so if I displaced myself within, how could I belong anywhere, out there in the big, outside world?


That spring, I started working with one of the most beautiful healing malas - the Natural Rhodochrosite Lotus Mala. Rhodochrosite is such a wonderful, nourishing, healing stone of self-acceptance and self-love. It helps in creating space for yourself, for loving, honoring and being kind to yourself, and that kindness spills into all of your connections in life as well. If you have been looking to find a way to renew your inner self, especially during spring, then I wholeheartedly recommend working with the Self Love Natural Rhodochrosite Lotus Mala.



Natural White Aventurine Lotus Mala



And finally, if you are looking to manifest the most beautiful life for yourself this Spring, then working with a Natural White Aventurine Lotus Mala is a wonderful crystal to work with. White Aventurine enhances inner clarity, allowing you to realize who you really want to be, and to carve yourself up in that image, manifesting along the way your wonderful life. Working with the Natural White Aventurine Lotus Mala for me has been an immense joy.


Whenever I felt like I have lost sight of myself, my goals, who I want to be in life, working with White Aventurine helped me to get back to my truest self, allowing me to simply be who I am. Its beautiful healing energy helps in enhancing self-confidence and self-determination, but it also enhances positivity, joy, and happiness which help in enhancing manifestation. I love working with the Natural White Aventurine Lotus Mala during spring, because it embodies self-creation and self-realization. I wholeheartedly recommend working with White Aventurine during spring if you are looking to continuously manifest the life of your dreams.


I hope that these little insights into my spiritual healing journey have helped you to find the right spring mala for yourself, and that you have found these tips helpful! Which mala is your favorite to use, and is there a mala from this blog that you would love to use this spring? Let me know in the comments below, I always love hearing from you!

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