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4 Best Crystals For Achieving Your Goals In 2021

One of the most challenging years in our lifetimes, 2020 is finally behind us and 2021 is finally upon us, filled with new opportunities. For me, as for many others, the last year has been a formidable challenge. The world changed, and adapting to the new reality was tough, demanding, and stressful. I have learned valuable lessons through each challenge and had time to reflect on myself, make peace with myself, and strangely in an era of necessary disconnection, I rekindled the connection with myself. In a way, last year has been a year of personal healing and nourishing for me, a needed step back before I move forward in the right direction.

And now, with the start of 2021, I found myself ready to take on new challenges and set my goals. Although I always set goals for myself and begin working on them in the new year, in the past I struggled to achieve almost all of them. To be frank, I often gave up on my goals after a very enthusiastic start at the beginning of the year. Whether I’d come to the conclusion that my goals are simply impossible, or I’d endlessly postpone them until the year was over - somehow, somewhere along the way, my will, motivation, and determination to achieve them faltered. It was so frustrating, year after year to repeat the same process. Sounds familiar? :)

However, as I learned more and more about crystals, I realized that working with different crystals can help to fortify intentions for achieving goals, keep your focus on them, even on the days you want to give up, and ultimately manifest every goal into a reality. 2021 is a year for a fresh start, and today I will share with you the 4 best crystals for achieving your goals:


Crystal Quartz


The best crystals for any manifestation purpose, usually come from the quartz family of crystals. And although this might not be a specific crystal, all of the quartz family crystals have a unique ability to store energy and amplify it over time. When I work with quartz crystals for manifestation, I feel immense ease to visualize my goals, and each time I do so, I feel closer to achieving my goal. Quartz crystals have brought immense joy in my life because they helped me break that cycle of underachieving and giving up on my goals when I was halfway there.

Usually when I’m not sure where to start with my goals, or when I set my mind to do something new I like to work with a Natural Colorful Crystal Quartz Mala. Because of the vast variety of types of quartz in this mala, it connects to all chakras and it’s suitable for any manifestation purposes.


White Aventurine



Sometimes what stands in the path of achieving your goals, is none other than your mind. Whenever I set goals in the past, I tried to challenge myself, to achieve more, to put in the extra work this year. And so, enthusiastically, I’d set a goal that really pushes me to step out of my comfort zone, and really put in the hard work needed to achieve it. And then, my mind turned on me little by little, day by day, thought by thought. “Oh, this is impossible. I must be insane, how could I think I can achieve this? I can’t do this” - were merely some of the thoughts that settled in every day, slowly taking away from me the will and motivation to manifest a change in my life through the goals I set. And then I discovered White Aventurine.

White Aventurine is an amazing manifestation crystal because it helps to shift your focus from seeing every issue for not achieving your goals as an opportunity for growth. Because it connects deeply with the Solar Plexus Chakra, it helps to remove self-doubt and instead enhance determination, and motivation. I love working with my Natural White Aventurine Lotus Mala because it helps me to not dwell too much on how to achieve a certain goal, or how difficult it will be - but rather on the joy and growth it will bring me.


Black Obsidian


One of the biggest challenges I face whenever I focus on manifesting my goals is certainly the weight of my past failures weighing me down. In the past, I’d often emotionally beat myself by remembering every failure, one by one, and instead of taking the lessons from that failure, I’d focus on the failure itself, asking myself - “How can I achieve this goal when all I do is fail over and over again?”. These types of negative thoughts and emotions can severely hinder any progress towards manifesting your goals. When I started to work with Black Obsidian, I understood that these emotions and thoughts are simply too heavy to carry.


Black Obsidian is a wonderful, and very powerful crystal for cleansing negative emotions, thoughts, and energetic blocks. It’s an amazing crystal for manifesting because while it removes negative energies, it also acts as a shield against them. Furthermore, when meditating with a Natural Obsidian Tiger Eye Mala, the grounding it provides, the stability I feel help me to steel myself and persevere any hardships I find on the road to achieving my goals.


Lapis Lazuli

One of my favorite crystals for manifesting my goals is definitely Lapis Lazuli. In the past, I struggled a lot with expressing myself and finding the necessary wisdom and guidance to create the right path to achieving my goals. However, that changed when I started to work with Lapis Lazuli. I realized as I worked with it, that sometimes I had all the necessary information I needed to push forward, I just didn’t realize it. As a stone of wisdom, and learning, Lapis Lazuli helps to sort out your thoughts, making the necessary connections between important information, memories, and facts.

I simply love wearing and working with a Natural Blue Lapis Wrap Bracelet, because it enhances steady, inner strength, and the serenity needed to enhance clarity of mind. And once the mind is clear, it’s easy to focus and persevere in manifesting your goals into a reality.

I hope that these crystals will help you on the path to manifesting each and every single one of your goals set for 2021! Let me know in the comments below which crystal for manifesting is your favorite!

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  • I shall purchase all 4 as this is exactly the area’s I need to work on thank you 🙏

    Pauline on

  • Wow I love them all Victoria 🥰 but the natural black obsidian is absolutely gorgeous It’s in my cart will be placing my order for this gorgeous piece tomorrow 😁

    Tanya Hobden on

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