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The Best Crystals To Work With During The Summer

During my personal growth journey, I started to realize that we as people hold a very deep connection with nature even if we are not conscious about it. As I became more mindful, I started to see patterns of how my energy varied depending on the seasons.

For example, I would be more sluggish in autumn and winter, but once spring came along, I was more likely to feel energized and start something new. When summer comes along, that’s usually when I feel the peak of my energy levels out of the whole year, and somehow it’s much easier for me to appreciate the beauty of being alive.

Simple, easy summer days are the most fulfilling for me, and on the days that I wasn’t feeling the best, I often found myself longing for those summer days. The difference in energy that I had on those summer days that I longed for and on every other day was enormous – and it bothered me a lot. I used to wonder why every day can’t be as lively, joyful, and careless as those summer days.

However as time went by and I worked with more crystals, I noticed that not only do different crystals have different effects on me but also that depending on the seasons, it was easier to work and connect with some crystals over others.

Right now, summer has begun, and it’s one of the strangest summers I had. I felt somehow depleted of energy even though it’s summer already because 2020 has been a very stressful and exhausting year for me, and the entire world. However, by working with my favorite summer crystals I was able to harness the beautiful summer energy all around me, replenish my energy levels, and continue to work on a more fulfilling life for myself. Today, I am sharing with you my favorite crystals to work with during the summer:


One of my favorite crystals to work during the summer is definitely citrine. Citrine holds this playful, cheerful energy that helps me a lot when I struggle with negative thoughts or emotions.

It has a wonderful ability to stimulate adopting a more positive mindset, while also disrupting and grounding negative vibes. Whenever I feel like my mind can’t seem to connect the dots and come up with a solution, I hold my Natural Citrine Mala and take deep breaths while I do a short and simple body scan.

As I feel the energy within, I let it guide me, and enjoy its presence. This little exercise helps me to enhance creativity and encourage more positive thoughts. After just a few minutes of meditation with Citrine, I feel like I am on top of the world, and that I don’t need anything else at this moment to be happy. I can’t help but smile and enjoy myself whenever I hold Citrine close.

Tiger Eye

If you are hoping to be more productive this summer, or simply take a step forward into a better life for yourself, then I wholeheartedly recommend working with Tiger Eye. This wonderful crystal awakens the fierce side of you deep down within, and it encourages determination and focus. Whenever I set a goal for myself, especially if it’s a challenging one, I make sure to wear a Natural Tiger Eye Om Mala and focus on a mantra meditation each morning.

Although summer is all about enjoying the wonderful, cheerful energy, sometimes it’s also the perfect time to harness this energy and focus it towards achieving one of your goals. And Tiger Eye is a crystal that does just that, it enhances the energy within you, but it also helps you to awaken your inner confidence and drive and helps you to focus them towards achieving your goals.


From the very first moment I brought Garnet at my home, I noticed its immensely powerful energy. However, although I felt more energized, I also felt deeply grounded and rooted in peace, and steadiness.

Whenever I work with garnet, I am always left steady, harmonized, and with the knowledge that I am capable of accomplishing my goals, but that I am also enough at this very moment, in which I enjoy life. In the past, I struggled a lot with unhappiness. But, strangely I thought that for me to move forward in life, I have to be unhappy with my current reality so that I have a reason to grow and attain my goals.

For me, Garnet is the crystal that helped me realize that I can be happy with my current life, and also strive to do better. I especially enjoy wearing a Natural Garnet Lotus Mala during the summer, because simply by wearing it, the energy flow within my chakras is harmonized, and that helps me in enjoying every moment, filled with exuberant, joyful energy.


If one of the calmest and best moments in your life is when you go on a summer vacation and you calmly float in the sea or ocean, then you can also harness that tranquil and serene energy by meditating with Aquamarine. Aquamarine is a crystal that is very dear to me because I used to struggle a lot with self-expression and anxiety.

However, working with Aquamarine has helped me immensely to not only overcome those issues, but it also helped to develop myself spiritually, harness patience, and to take a step back and reflect instead of constantly pushing forward – even when things aren’t working out.

Whenever I touch the beads of my Natural Aquamarine Lotus Mala while I meditate, I feel like I have been transported in my own little inner sanctuary, amidst the sea, floating effortlessly, and all the worries of the world seem to have been washed away.

White Aventurine 

The beautiful summer energy that is all around us is an amazing opportunity to focus ourselves on manifesting the life from our dreams. Whenever I want to reinforce my manifestation potential, I like to work with White Aventurine.

This amazing crystal dissolves thoughts and emotions of self-doubt and helps in enhancing self-confidence and determination through stimulating the Solar Plexus Chakra. I love working with my Natural White Aventurine Lotus Mala because with every chant of my mantra/affirmation, my goals, and a path that I need to take to achieve them becomes clearer and clearer. The decisions I need to make come easily to my mind, and I feel confident and determined into taking action to create a better life for myself.

I wholeheartedly hope that by working with these crystals, you will also feel rejuvenated, energized, and ready to excel this summer! Which one of these crystals did you like the most? Let me know in the comments below and tune in to my blog to learn more about crystal healing!

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