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5 Best Crystals For Calmness And Serenity

During these quarantine days, some days there is so much going on that you feel your stress levels rising. Some days, on the other hand, there isn’t anything happening at all, and you feel like climbing the walls. It’s not easy to stay calm during a world crisis, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Whenever I feel restless, or stressed out, I take some time off my day to connect and work with my calming crystals. The best part about crystal healing is that there are countless crystals that can help you remain calm and battle stress and anxiety. Today, I am sharing with you 5 of the best calming crystals I have worked with.


If you are looking for overall soothing, serene energy that calms down stress then Amethyst is one of the best crystals to keep close. Amethyst is a gentle calming crystal that doesn’t only promote relaxation, but it also transforms energy. When I feel over stressed, overworked, or really anxious I usually meditate with a Natural Amethyst Lotus Mala, or I keep Amethyst close by. Amethyst is a beautiful crystal that transforms stress into positive energy, thus reducing stress-levels. It’s an amazing crystal to help you find balance and harmony in the midst of chaos.

It’s beautiful, gentle, soothing vibrations help in inducing serenity, which is why I recommend keeping it close at all times. It’s excellent to enhance your calming baths, and even better if you are having sleep issues. Whenever I feel so anxious or restless that I can’t sleep, I keep my Natural Amethyst Lotus Mala close to my pillow to ease myself into sleep.  If you have been waking up a lot of times during the night, or you are having nightmares that prevent you from getting you rest, then an even better option is to keep Amethyst directly beneath your pillow. By doing so, Amethyst’s soothing vibes will ease you into calm, serene dreams that will help you remain well-rested.

White Howlite

Over criticizing and judging myself were one of the worst thought patterns that I have ever developed. Self-criticism is healthy in small portions when you are being realistic, conscious, and objective about it because it helps in self-improvement. However, on autopilot mode, self-criticism and self-judgment can turn into a vicious thought pattern that increases stress and anxiety. I really struggled to keep myself in check and to avoid causing myself needless pain, but I didn’t have much success on my own. When I started to work with White Howlite, and meditate with it daily, I noticed a big shift in my thought patterns.

With each meditation session with Howlite, I noticed that little by little I started to see a larger and larger picture, not just of my life but also of the world. With its help, I started to become more and more conscious about thoughts that only caused me pain, stress, and anxiety, which in turn helped me to cut them out of my life. It’s soothing, calming vibrations have helped me countless times to de-stress and calm myself down.

Howlite is an amazing crystal to increase awareness and to help you calm yourself down whenever you are upset. If you want to induce deeper states of meditation, or you simply want to keep your focus and calm during meditation, then a Natural Howlite and Jasper Lotus Mala will be an amazing addition for your meditation sessions.

Black Tourmaline

If you have been struggling with a lot of stress lately, and the situation keeps getting worse no matter what you do, the negative energies in your surrounding area might be increased or affecting you more than usual. Positive and negative energy surrounds us; it creates balance and life itself. However, sometimes when the negative energy prevails for longer periods of time, you will probably feel anxious and stressed for seemingly no reason.

Working with the powerful, grounding Black Tourmaline can help you keep negative energy at bay. This wonderful crystal acts as a shield against negative energy, and it restores positive, productive energy. Its grounding energy helps you to regain control and banish stress from your life by seeing the bigger picture.

Whenever you feel restless, pick up your Black Tourmaline and take a few deep, calming breaths. I usually like to take at least 10 deep breaths while holding Black Tourmaline in my hands. To ensure that you are protected from negative energies all the time, wearing a bit of Black Tourmaline such as the Strength and Good Fortune bracelet will do the trick!


One of the very first crystals that I started working with when I got into crystal healing was Aquamarine, and it was one of the best changes that happened to me! When I first started with crystal healing, I was dealing with a lot of self-doubt and self-judgment. I was easily upset, stressed, and restless all the time. It felt like I was on the edge every day. However, working with Aquamarine instilled deep calmness in my soul that helped me find inner peace.

This beautiful crystal possesses strong yet tranquil energy that brings serenity to whoever keeps it close. If you are struggling with a lot of stress or uneasiness, I wholeheartedly recommend spending some time every day to meditate with a Natural Aquamarine Lotus Mala. By meditating with Aquamarine, this beautiful, serene crystal will help you to restore harmony and balance, and find your inner peace.


This beautiful deep blue crystal is an amazing meditation companion whenever you need to clear your head and turn chaos into order. When you feel like a million thoughts rush in your mind, your first desire will be to silence your mind. However, silencing your mind is just a temporary solution. Sodalite is a gentle, calming, and nourishing crystal that helps you to find the core of those chaotic thoughts, and cut them out from their roots.

Its soothing energy helps to bring balance to your inner self, clear out your mind, and improve self-expression. I wholeheartedly recommend my Natural Sodalite Bracelets, or to meditate with a bit of Sodalite if you are a crystal healing/meditation beginner, simply because of how easy it is to work with Sodalite. It’s gentle, calming energies will have you calmed down in an instance!

I hope you found my crystal healing experience helpful! Let me know your thoughts in the comments – which is your favorite crystal for calmness and serenity?

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