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Grounding Techniques For Moving Forward In Life

At times, life can be unpredictable. Once you’re moving forward, once you’re stuck and no matter what you do, you can’t push forward. I have struggled a lot in the past because it seemed to me that I wasn’t moving forward, or I wasn’t moving forward fast enough. Stress and anxiety overwhelmed me at every step, and I really didn’t understand where I was going wrong. As I explored these issues I started to focus more on grounding myself to reduce my anxiety and stress – but these techniques also helped me move forward in life! Today I am sharing with you the 5 Best Grounding Techniques For Moving Forward In Life:

  1. Clear & Tidy Up Your Mind

In the past, when I struggled a lot more with anxiety, I often found myself incapable to move and accomplish my goals. I’d sit and think about all the things I have to finish that day, that month or week, piling them up in my mind one after the other, until the sheer panic of having too much to accomplish left me completely stressed out and unable to focus on my work, because I was always afraid that I wasn’t moving fast enough.

You see, when everything is piled up without order, everything seems too much, and even everyday tasks can be a source of anxiety in your mind. When you get stuck in your mind because of anxiety, the only way out of the anxiety loop is to ground yourself in the present by clearing up your mind. This grounding technique has helped me so much over the years that I practice it all the time because it helps me organize my thoughts and focus on my goal – even at my most anxious.


You will need 2 empty sheets of paper and a pen. On the first sheet of paper, divide it into three columns. The first one is for ideas, the second one is for issues, and the third one is for tasks. List down all the upcoming tasks, events, ideas, and issues – anything that you have in the upcoming month.

Then on the second sheet of paper also make three columns – today, this week and this month. Now, place every item from the previous list into its according column. Which tasks are pressing on you and you have to finish them today? Which tasks are doable in a day, a week, or a month?

Once you are done with the second list, place it somewhere visible, on your work desk, on your fridge, or on your vision board. That way every day you will know what you should focus on this month and you will be grounded in the present where anxiety and needless worry can’t get to you!

  1. Add Yoga To Your Morning Routine

Starting off your morning calm and grounded is the best way to move forward day by day. That’s why it’s important to add yoga to your morning routine. Yoga is an amazing way to restore balance, and ground yourself into the present moment. Just a couple of minutes yoga a day can help you reduce stress and anxiety, thus helping you move forward in life.

 I wholeheartedly recommend that you add a short yoga sequence to your morning routine, it’s going to make a big difference! Even if it is as short as 15 minutes, you will still experience the benefits of a calmer mind and more relaxed body.

  1. Gain Clarity

Anxiety and stress can be overwhelming. However, their whole power stirs from chaos and uncertainty. The right way to move past them, and take a step forward in your life is by gaining clarity. Where are you heading in life? Is that in accordance with who you want to be in life? These are very important questions that you need to take some time and answer for yourself.

I recommend that you take some time off your day, and take a piece of paper, write these questions down and write at least 3 qualities of the person that you want to become. Then, write down 2 things that a person of that quality does that define them as such a person. Are you fully in accordance with those qualities? What do you need to work on to become the person that you want to be? Take notes, and devote yourself to truly exploring these questions. You might even be surprised and find yourself that you are already halfway there!

  1. Your Life As A TV Series

Sometimes it’s very easy to become trapped in your own little bubble. You focus too much on something, that you miss the bigger picture. That’s why I came up with a technique that helped me ground myself and even cope with unfortunate situations in my life. Whenever I am stuck, I visualize my life as a TV Series or a movie. I am the viewer, and I see my story. I look at the storyline so far and think about the emotions this movie/TV series awakes in me. Is it sad and disappointing? Is it inspiring? Is it wholesome? What would I like to shout to the characters from the screen, if they’d only listen?

It might seem like a silly thing to do, but this technique is really powerful because it gets you out of your own head, and makes you think objectively about your life. A whole new perspective opens that can help you move forward in life.

  1. Anchoring Mantra Meditation

Starting to meditate daily in my life, and accompanying my meditations with crystals has brought profound insight and calmness in my life. Whenever I feel like I need to ground myself, or I feel stuck and need to move forward, I do a simple mantra meditation with a Natural Black Onyx and Amethyst Om Mala to anchor myself.

Black Onyx is a powerful stone for protection and self-discipline, that possesses strong grounding vibrations. Amethyst on the other hand is a crystal that enhances grounding, brings clarity, and guides the mind towards a deeper understanding. This wonderful Natural Black Onyx and Amethyst Om Mala are perfect for mantra meditations when you need to anchor and ground yourself. The three mantras that I use for grounding mantra meditation are:

“I am my inner anchor, I am my inner strength.”

“I am completely present, completely grounded in this moment, and in my presence.”

“Clarity becomes me, life unfolds in front of me.”

As you touch each bead from you mala, repeat one of the above mantras.

I hope that these tips have helped you to ground yourself and move forward in life! Let me know in the comments below, which one worked for you best, which one is your favorite?

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  • Yoga is the perfect start to everyday! Once it becomes a practice, it literately becomes a part of your well being.

    Stacy Mizrahi on

  • Thanks for guiding 😊

    Gurpreet on

  • Clarity is the mantra I need to focus on. My favorite is the one that uses the paper. I teach and my mind can become chaotic at times and I have to sit and talk to myself to help me organize my thoughts. This helps to bring me peace and guide my path.

    Naomi on

  • What a wonderful article. Thank you. It is also very timely to me as I am in a personal situation that has been causing me a lot of stress, anxiety and suffering, and I too have been feeling overwhealmed and at times unable to move forward because it seems I have so much to do I don’t know where to start! So thank you for your advice. I will start my three column list today and yoga sounds like a great plan.

    Krista Ross on

  • I’ve amnesties stone you meditation hopefully I will hold to meditation thank you so much xx❤️💓🙏😊🤗🌹

    Sarah on

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