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The Benefits Of Purple Jasper

Oct 02, 2021 0 comments
The Benefits Of Purple Jasper

     Have you ever felt that you know exactly what you need to heal, but you are unsure how to proceed? As a walked my spiritual path, one of the hardest parts was to understand how important self-awareness is. Most of the time, I considered self-awareness to be the ability to recognize the parts of myself that needed healing. However, attaining self-awareness is so much more than that.

     As I walked my path towards healing, one particular crystal helped me understand that self-awareness is the ability to witness myself, in every moment of my existence, along with the parts that are filled with beauty, and the parts that are in need of healing. And through that awareness of oneself, I can heal, and also enjoy my healing journey, instead of dwelling in the fear of how hard healing can be.

     Wondering which crystal that is is? It’s one of the most beautiful healing crystals I had the privilege to work with, Purple Jasper! That’s why today I will share with you the benefits of the beautiful Purple Jasper and everything you need to know about it!


    What Is Purple Jasper?

     The mesmerizing Purple Jasper is a purple variety of the Jasper crystal family. Because of its deep purple color, it’s also known as Royal Plume Jasper. Purple Jasper is a crystal that when discovered in its natural state looks absolutely lovely. Because it’s part of the Quartz family, it can be found in clusters with nodules.


     Throughout history, Purple Jasper was often worn by shamans and priests and was considered a sacred protective crystal.

     What is the Spiritual Meaning Of Purple Jasper?

     Today, Purple Jasper is one of the most beloved crystals in the crystal healing world. If you find yourself attracted to this royal purple crystal, then it might mean that you are in need of inner understanding.

     Spiritually, Purple Jasper possesses energy frequencies that enhance inner harmony, a deeper understanding of the healing process, and also promote inner nourishment.

     Purple Jasper helped me understand and accept all parts of me, just as they are, and in a way, to communicate to them that no matter how familiar and safe pain seems to them, there is a better, healthier, and happier way to exist.


    The Benefits Of Purple Jasper

    When I began working with Purple Jasper, it was truly an extraordinarily profound experience. Often I struggled with understanding myself, and how to heal because the moment I realized what I needed to heal, I froze with fear. However, when I started working with Purple Jasper, I discovered its healing benefits and felt its nourishment, and calmness that instantly brought me to ease. Truly, the benefits of working with Purple Jasper are countless, and here are some of them:


    Balances The Crown Chakra


    Purple Jasper is a well-known crystal that connects and balances the Crown Chakra - the energy center in your body responsible for higher realms of unity. Realizing yourself as a whole, and understanding your unity within yourself and outside of yourself - with the Universe, is one of the most profound experiences that you can experience.


    When your Crown Chakra is out of balance, you may feel like you are lost, simply drifting through life, unable to make sense of yourself or the world.

     I wholeheartedly recommend using a Natural Purple Jasper Lotus Mala during your Crown Chakra balancing meditations, especially if you have been feeling lost in your life for a while. By meditating with Purple Jasper, you will not only find inner understanding, but you will also understand where you fit in this beautiful Universe of ours.


    Helps To Achieve Self Awareness


     When I started my spiritual journey towards healing, I often found bumps and obstacles on my path. Whenever I felt I was making progress, soon after I realized that I circle back to my old ways. The more I noticed the issue, the more hopeless I felt. For me, at those dark moments, it felt like even though I gave my best shot, I still winded up at the same old place.

     Purple Jasper was a light that shined and helped me get out of that darkness. Its unique ability to enhance self-awareness, helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself. In a way, I was trying to move forward only on a physical level, without really digging deeper and truly understanding myself and the roots of my issues. But, also, by not going deeper I also didn’t understand and see all the beautiful parts of myself as well. Purple Jasper taught me a valuable lesson - it’s not enough to only look for parts of yourself that are in need of healing, it’s also important to witness yourself as a whole, along with all your inner beauty, and your inner darkness.


    Enhances Inner Harmony & Nourishment

     Purple Jasper’s unique ability to enhance inner harmony and nourishment is truly astonishing. In a way, Purple Jasper often feels like an old friend, filled with compassion, kindness, and understanding that never judges you, and always helps you make sense of yourself.



    For me personally, Purple Jasper helped me understand the healing process on a much deeper level. Healing is hard, there is no doubt about that. But sometimes, we focus so much on how hard it is, that we miss out on the entire beauty of the experience. Purple Jasper helps in calming our inner storms, and our inner bickering over the difficulty of the task, and helps you to nourish yourself, and achieve inner harmony.


    Promotes Fearlessness

     One of the biggest struggles I faced when I started to make sense of myself, was that even though I understood a lot of the issues I had I still lacked the courage and clarity to face them. It was so frustrating for me personally, because I finally knew what and where to heal, but still, I felt stuck and frozen by fear. “What if nothing helps? What if I am too broken to heal? What if, what if, what if...” - were just a small portion of the irrational fears I faced whenever I wanted to make the change I so desperately needed in my life in order to heal.


     Purple Jasper was a real blessing, because of its unique ability to help me find my inner courage and move beyond those fears. Its unique ability to enhance reason and clarity in the face of irrational fears and thought patterns based on fear is extraordinary. The more I worked with Purple Jasper the calmer I got, the calmer I got the more my clarity enhanced, and the more my clarity enhanced it was much easier to reason with that particular, unreasonable part of myself that kept me frozen.

     I loved and enjoyed this process vastly, because it didn’t feel like I was rejecting a part of myself, no matter how irrational and toxic it was. Rather, it felt like I accepted it, I listened to its complaints, I addressed those concerns, and helped the broken parts of me heal, and raise on a higher vibrational scale.

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