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The Healing Power Of Amazonite

Sep 18, 2021 1 comment
The Healing Power Of Amazonite

The Healing Power Of Amazonite

As I walked my path towards healing, I struggled a lot to simply become more joyful, more peaceful, more serene. For me, life before healing was a constant rush of stress and anxiety, of always not being enough - and these cycles never gave me rest. I was exhausted of my own emotional and mental back and forth, yet I didn’t know how to help myself. Luckily, on my path I found a healing crystal called Amazonite that helped me find the inner peace, and joy I deserved. Here are it’s beautiful healing properties:


What Is Amazonite?


The mesmerizing Amazonite is a green variety of the Microcline crystal family. It carries the name of the Amazon river. Its beautiful deep turquoise, to green-blue shades, make Amazonite a wondrous sight when discovered in nature. When polished, its beautiful color paints beautiful patterns that resemble shimmering, spider web.


Throughout history, Amazonite was seen as a talisman of healing and prosperity, which is why it was often worn as an amulet.



What is the Spiritual Meaning Of Amazonite?


Today, Amazonite is one of the most beloved crystals in the crystal healing world. If you find yourself attracted to its dreamy green depth, then it might be a sign that you are in need of calming your inner chaos.


Spiritually, Amazonite is a beautiful healing crystal that helps in finding your inner truth and living it, enhancing inner healing and overcoming trauma, as well as enhancing prosperity. Its mere energy frequency promotes joy and attracts luck on your spiritual path. I, like many others that worked with Amazonite, have experienced a beautiful state of effortlessly flowing with the tune of the Universe.


Working with Amazonite helped me to discover myself, my true inner self, and to live in accordance with my inner truth. It’s a beautiful healing stone that has helped me immensely on my healing journey, and I hope it can also help you on yours.



The Benefits Of Amazonite


Working with Amazonite has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. Often, I struggled with a deep sense of lack and loneliness. I understood that others too sometimes felt like they failed, but for me, it was a constant reality - I felt like a failure, constantly. That feeling of constant failing made me feel deeply alone in my suffering like I was the only one that failed consistently, in every aspect of my life. However, when I started to work with Amazonite, that loneliness, and sense of longing to succeed and prove myself, slowly faded away. I felt calmer, more stable, and like I finally got in tune with life itself. The benefits of working with Amazonite are infinite, and here are some of them:


Balances The Heart And Throat Chakras




Amazonite is a well-known crystal that connects and balances the Heart Chakra - the energy center in your body responsible for your capacity of love, kindness, empathy, and self-love. Getting in tune with your inner self, and exploring all the endless ways to love and be loved is what makes life beautiful and truly worth it.


When your Heart Chakra is out of balance, you may feel unloved, incapable of loving yourself, your connections with loved ones will seem like they lack depth, and a deep sense of loneliness and despair might develop as well.


I wholeheartedly recommend using a Seashell Amazonite and Rhodonite Mala during your Heart Chakra meditations, especially if you have been feeling sorrowful and unloved. I especially recommend working with Amazonite and Rhodonite if you are looking to instill a deep sense of self-love within your heart as well.


Although Amazonite is a well-known crystal for balancing the Heart Chakra, Amazonite also deeply connects to the Throat Chakra, stimulating it and bringing harmony to this energy center.


The Throat Chakra is the energy center in your body responsible for self-expression and how the world perceives you. As such, it directly affects how you connect, communicate and engage with the world. If you have been feeling disconnected, constantly wrongly perceived by others, or you simply struggle with communicating clearly and effectively then your Throat Chakra might be in need of rebalancing.


If you are looking to instill balance into both your Throat and Heart Chakra, then I wholeheartedly recommend working with a Natural Amazonite Lotus Mala during your chakra rebalancing meditations. The beautiful healing energy of this mala helps in not only attaining inner harmony but also maintaining it.


Aids Achieving Emotional Balance


On my healing journey, I often struggled to achieve inner balance. My emotions would often take over me, because of my unresolved past traumas, and I’d get stuck in the same old cycles of emotional reactivity. I’d remain silent, only to lash out later, I’d get happy, only to become afraid of losing that very same happiness. The chaos within would not give me a single moment of rest.


Amazonite has been a true blessing to work with. It’s natural serene, healing, calming frequency put me at ease almost immediately. And slowly, but surely the inner tangle of emotions and trauma, started to unravel with each day that I worked with Amazonite.


Enhances Inner Peace & Joy



Even when seemingly everything was okay, a deep sadness lingered within me. Even when everything was alright, even when things were going well in my life, I’d always find something to worry over, or I’d linger in painful memories from the past. Even when I was the happiest, the happiness wouldn’t last long because I was so worried and frightened it was temporary, and soon the same old pains will come my way.


Often, I’d tell myself that I need to be harsher to myself, become more self-disciplined to achieve all my goals and only then would happiness take place in my life. When I started to work with crystals, I started to let of of this belief, my inner stiffness and fears slowly unwinding. In a way, I sensed that I had it all backwards, but I was unable to see the bigger picture. When I started to work with Amazonite specifically, a deep sense of  inner calmness started to envelop me.


The calmer I got, my perspective slowly but surely shifted. I finally started to understand that happiness is not a reward after an achieved goal, but it’s rather an emotion to be experienced freely, daily, on my path towards self-actualization.

The more joyful I allowed myself to be, the more joy followed in my life. And strangely, I noticed that even in the worst of it, things have a strange way of working out. That realization and thought gave me the freedom to experience joy in my life.


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