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How To Choose The Perfect Crystal Healing Items For Gifts

Over the years on my crystal healing journey, I often wanted to share that beautiful inner serenity that I harnessed as I healed. That’s why I started sharing my experiences, and the healing crystals I loved working with, with my loved ones. If this holiday season, you were thinking of gifting your loved ones crystals, but you are unsure which ones to gift, here are a few ways to pick the right ones for your loved ones:


According To Their Zodiac Sign


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One of the easiest ways to choose the perfect healing crystal for your loved ones is to choose them according to their zodiac sign. The zodiac sign of a person often describes some of their main, key characteristics that can give an indication as to which areas in their life they need to work on more, or simply point us in the right direction towards the crystals that will make your loved ones feel joyful. This is a great option when you are unsure which crystal to get for your loved ones, or maybe you are new to the whole crystal healing gig and unfamiliar with all of the crystal options. After all, as a crystal healing beginner, learning about all the crystals at once can be overwhelming.

 If you’d like to give your loved ones a more specific and special gift for their zodiac sign, you can also gift them bracelets with zodiac sign pendants. These bracelets have been specifically crafted with crystals that connect deeply with the zodiac sign they have been devoted to, enhanced with a pendant that represents that zodiac sign, and the intention to bring the one who wears this bracelet joy and wellbeing. Click here to shop our beautiful bracelets with zodiac pendants!


 3 Best Crystals To Give As A Gift

 Since I have started my crystal healing journey, I have given out many crystals as gifts over the years. And out of those many crystals, there are three that are my favourite to gift because they radiate with beautiful, positive life energy, and are perfect for just about anyone! Here are the best three that I suggest giving as a gift:



Purple Jasper

 Purple Jasper is a beautiful healing stone that soothes and nurtures. It is almost like having the reassuring presence of a family member or good friend at your side. Because of that, Purple Jasper is not only one of our favorite crystals to work with, but also our favorite crystal to give as a gift. It’s a soothing crystal, that also calms down stress and anxiety, helping the wearer to get back to a place of inner balance. The Natural Purple Jasper Lotus Mala is a beautiful option, and the more delicate Purple Jasper Bracelet is a great alternative for those that want a smaller item.



 Finally, we’d like to suggest considering Amethyst as your gift option. Amethyst is one of the most common healing crystals with which many begin their crystal healing journey. However, Amethyst has a variety of uses and can be used by even more advanced crystal users. It enhances calmness, relaxation, inner joy and helps in clearing mental blocks. It’s excellent for enhancing focus during meditation, and for gaining clarity. The Natural Amethyst and Chrysocolla Lotus Mala is a beautiful mix of Amethyst that is currently a customer favorite!


 By Intention

 Last, but not least, if you are still struggling to figure out which crystal to gift to your loved ones, or perhaps you can’t make up your mind with just the one, you can always give them a set of bracelets, made from different crystals with the same intention. There are three types of sets that you can choose from:


Mini Bracelet Sets


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If you’d like to gift your loved ones crystals that will help them start out on their crystal healing journey, then these mini bracelet sets are the perfect gift. They come in a lovely pouch, with beautiful cards that explain the benefit of each stone.

They come in a set of multiple bracelets, or as individual strands.

Bracelet Sets

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If you are looking for healing crystals that enhance one intention such as grounding, inner healing, or self-love, then choosing a bracelet set for your loved ones is a great way to enhance those intentions.

Gift Bundles

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Finally, if you are looking for more than one gift for your loved ones, then getting a bundle with an intention is a great way to do so (and save some money in the process). You can split these items into multiple gifts, to give to multiple people, or you can gift them to one person since they are all charged with the same positive intention.

I wholeheartedly hope that this guide will help you to more easily choose the right crystal for your cherished loved ones. Which crystal did you choose? Let me know in the comments below!

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