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The Benefits Of Garnet, the January Birthstone

Was your birthday this month, dear Aquarius?

Because today, I am sharing a very special crystal and its benefits with all of you, that also happens to be the birthstone of all which are born in the zodiac sign of Aquarius. You guessed right, today I will be sharing the healing and spiritual benefits of Garnet!

Regardless of whether garnet is your birthstone or not, it’s a very powerful crystal that is essential to introduce to your crystal healing practice because of its many healing benefits. That’s why today I am sharing with you all the wonderful benefits Garnet offers.

What is Garnet?

The red fiery Garnet is a crystal that automatically draws us in and mesmerizes us with its patterns and deep, dark fiery red tones. Formed into the deep layers of Mother Earth, garnet needs a lot of heat and pressure to be created as the beautiful, dazzling crystal that we see in the shops. Depending on the pressure and heat, Garnet’s pattern is determined – from cubic and rhombic patterns to completely irregular and uneven ones. Its color can vary from lighter red to deep dark red, almost brownish color.

There are a lot of varieties of Garnet, each carrying slightly different energy, however, in each variety Garnet’s powerful fiery creative energy prevails.

Garnet’s name comes from the Latin name “Granatum” which when translated means a pomegranate because the eye-catchy pattern of garnet resembles a pomegranate cut in half. Through history, Garnet has been used as a stone for warriors as well as a stone for achieving and expanding one’s awareness.

Garnet in raw form!

What is the spiritual meaning of Garnet?

Today, Garnet is a well-known stone in the crystal world that enhances energy and helps us become stronger. It’s also a birthstone crystal for people born under the zodiac sign Aquarius. Garnet is a deeply spiritual stone that helps us attain deeper understanding and attain the devotion which we are lacking to live a more truthful and fulfilling life.

As a stone that enhances awareness, Garnet unveils false perceptions about your reality, ultimately helping you in attaining profound joy and a more positive outlook in life. As a stone of strength and perseverance Garnet helps to remove patterns that no longer serve to your benefit, and is especially helpful in preventing irrational fears connected directly to your survival, such as overall insecurity and money loss.

The Benefits Of Garnet

Working with Garnet for me has been a very surprising and positively strange journey. From the very first moment I brought my first Garnet crystal home, I felt a very strong connection to it. Its energy was very powerful, and yet I felt soothed and at ease as I haven’t felt for a long time. At that point, I often struggled with self-doubting thoughts because I felt fairly insecure and anxious about every action I took, even the smallest and simplest ones. Furthermore, these thoughts were fueled by the constant flow of events where everything turned into a worst-case scenario for me. Needless to say, my self-esteem has been shattered completely.

 However, when I started working with garnet, everything shifted for me, both spiritually and physically. The healing benefits of garnet are truly immense and countless and I wholeheartedly recommend introducing Garnet as your next crystal into your crystal healing sessions if you haven’t already done so. Although there are many benefits, here are the biggest, and most important ones that I have experienced:

Balances the Root Chakra & Enhances Energy Distribution

Garnet is a well-known crystal that connects and balances the Root Chakra – the energy center in your body responsible for balance, stability, security – the very foundation upon which your whole existence is built. Growth, in any aspect of yourself, is simply impossible, when the very roots of your existence are not strong and deep.

When your Root Chakra is out of balance, you may feel like you are constantly afraid, insecure and/or anxious. Garnet is the perfect crystal to help you balance your Root Chakra because it is a deeply spiritual crystal that brings to your attention the root of the issues that you are experiencing. Through this process, you gain a deeper understanding of the patterns that cause fear and anxiety, thus releasing you from them.

I wholeheartedly recommend using a Natural Garnet Lotus Mala during your Root Chakra balancing meditations, especially if you have difficulty with dealing with your anxiety. By meditating with garnet, you will not only soothe your anxiety but also you will discover powerful inner confidence that will help you overcome your fears. If you want to have Garnet close to your body to feel its energy but prefer a smaller piece, my Natural Garnet Bracelets are also a great option.

Besides connecting well with your Root Chakra and balancing it, Garnet is a crystal with a very rare property – it also connects well with the Crown Chakra, becoming a bridge that enhances energy distribution between all chakras, as well as helping you harmonize the whole chakra system in your body.

Helps to lead a more joyful life

If you are struggling to attain happiness and joy in your everyday life, and especially if you feel like happiness and joy can be only attained in the future after you complete a goal you’ve set in mind, then working with garnet is the best way to ensure that you find joy in every precious day you spend alive.

The modern lifestyle always leaves you wanting for more and more, always urging yourself to achieve more that at one point you fall into a thought pattern trap, where even joy and happiness becomes a reward for achieving your bigger goals. I as many others have fallen into this trap, that slowly but surely grew into a state of the constant disappointment of my current life, and only dreaming of happiness – as if it was a privilege to be earned, and not a state of mind. That is why working with garnet has been a truly profound experience for me.

Working with garnet is a great solution because it tackles both sides of this issue – first, helping you understand why you have created such a thought pattern, and eliminating it because it doesn’t serve you towards your goal of living a more joyful life. And on the other side, garnet is a stone with powerful energy that enhances overall positivity in your life. In a way, garnet helps you remove the blockages that prevent you from being joyful at this very moment, and it also helps you to more easily achieve happiness and joy.

Helps attract abundance and prosperity

If you struggle with financial issues, then working with garnet is beneficial for you because garnet is also a stone of prosperity. When I worked with garnet, I didn’t set my intentions for achieving prosperity at all – instead, I was focusing on balancing my Root chakra. However, as I worked with garnet, I have noticed that through healing aspects of myself I indirectly attracted abundance in my life. Self-doubt and low self-confidence were a big issue for me. I was afraid to express my opinion, especially at work.

Through restoring my self-confidence and removing any irrational self-doubt patterns that left me unable to act when needed, I became better at my work too. I felt more creative than ever, yet I wasn’t afraid to express my creativity. I was confident enough to take charge when needed. And all of these small, yet very significant changes have helped me to advance in my career path immensely, thus achieving abundance and prosperity which wasn’t even my goal at the moment.

Remember – the change starts with you!

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