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6 Simple Changes for Greater Personal Growth in 2020

Now that the New Year has settled in, I know that you must have set at least a few goals for yourself to achieve in 2020. One of the best goals I have set for myself way back in 2018 was to work on my personal growth. And on my journey to become my very best self, and grow as a person I learned that sometimes, even the smallest changes can help you feel immense personal fulfillment. That’s why today I will be sharing with you 6 simple changes that can help you achieve greater personal growth in 2020:

1. Take Better Care Of Yourself

Working on your personal growth is only possible when you are in good health both physically, mentally and spiritually. Through the years, I struggled to understand why I wasn’t able to achieve personal growth until one day I realized that to become a “better me” I had to first value myself enough to take better care of myself. Overworking myself day by day didn’t do me any good on the personal growth field, and it certainly didn’t help me achieve my goals any faster.

By taking small steps towards taking better care of myself and my health each day, I was feeling much better and I was making better progress on my goals. But, what took me by surprise was that it wasn’t just the progress, but also the quality of the work I did to achieve my goals improved.

What I would suggest is, the first thing to do in 2020 for achieving personal growth is to take better care of yourself, even in the simplest ways. Grab a glass of water and hydrate your body, go out with friends this week and have some good time instead of spending your time at home overthinking or maybe instead of getting out and getting drained of the little energy you have left simply stay at home, rest and recharge.

Remember that self-care doesn’t mean that you will pamper yourself, it just means that you value yourself enough to give yourself physically, mentally or spiritually what you need at that moment.

2. Accept Fear But Don’t Let It Hold You Back

Next on the list – fear! I bet that every year you make a list of goals, and at least one of them is trying something new and completely different. Whether it is a hobby or a class it doesn’t matter. What matters is, that most of these goals are usually left unmet because of fear. However, life is about progress and growth, and the best personal growth change that you can do for yourself is to acknowledge and accept the fear you might be experiencing. But this time, acknowledge it as a positive thing.

If you are experiencing fear and excitement at the same time for one of your goals, that is a good sign, because you are finally about to take a step outside your comfort zone! So, instead of letting fear overcome you, accept it as a sign for the much-needed change in your life.

3. Be More Grateful

Yes, 2020 is a new year, a chance for a fresh start and a chance to set new goals and pursue new achievements, however, constantly pushing forward without awareness of what we already have turns into greed and endless chase for happiness that will always stay around the next corner. Sometimes, it’s important to take only a few moments to reflect on what you have achieved, how far you have come, and what you already have.

Developing a simple habit such as finding just one thing to be grateful for each day will help you to reflect and access your past and present and it makes you more aware of how lucky you already are to have all the things and people in your life.

4. Practice Mindfulness

Speaking of awareness, if you have pushed through 2019 on autopilot mode, then the little change that will boost your personal growth in 2020 is simply becoming more mindful. Letting your thoughts wander off constantly without discipline will only create thought patterns that will cause harm to you. The easiest way to stop this process of unintentional self-harm is to take a few minutes every day and to devote them to becoming more mindful. You don’t have to change your whole life, because only 10 minutes a day – every day can do wonders!

If you are unsure how to start, you can simply spend 10 minutes each evening before you go to bed either focusing on your breathing, or reflecting on the strong emotions you had during the day, and try to not let your focus drift from detail to detail, but rather focus on seeing the bigger picture. Another great option is to grab a notebook and every day, take 5 minutes to write down what you are grateful for. Just 5-10 minutes is enough for you to reflect on your day and think about what you are grateful for, and as little as 5 minutes a day can fit into everyone’s schedule!

5. Meditate

Personal growth is all about expanding yourself as a person. It’s about nurturing yourself as you grow and exploring the already existing parts of yourself and the new parts which you have created. There is no better way to boost your personal growth in 2020 than practicing meditation. Regardless of whether you are doing simple meditations for beginners, or more advanced ones, as long as you develop a habit to meditate daily, even if it’s just a few minutes of your day, then you will experience immense personal growth in 2020.

If the hardest part for you when meditating is focusing, then I recommend to start off with a Mala Meditation, paired with a Natural Amethyst Mala. The Natural Amethyst Mala is perfect for both beginners and more advanced meditation practitioners because it has a calming effect that can help you to induce a meditative state instantly. During meditations, it’s an amazing companion to have because it will guide you towards a deeper understanding of yourself, and to calmer, peaceful days of personal growth. If Amethyst doesn’t speak to you, you can choose a stone that works more towards achieving your goals for this year.

6. Create Your Own Morning Ritual

And last, but not the least, if you keep catching yourself too busy to even take 5 minutes off to incorporate at least one of the small changes I have suggested above, then the best way to incorporate these small personal growth changes is by creating your own morning ritual. That doesn’t mean that you have to make a completely different one if you already have one, or that you have to create a morning ritual with new habits.

In fact, I recommend that if you want to incorporate multiple new habits into an already existing morning ritual, do not rush! Instead, focus on adding one habit, and add another one only when you feel like you have successfully incorporated the previous habit in your morning ritual.

If you don’t have a morning ritual, then your beginner morning ritual can be as simple as making yourself a cup of coffee and meditating for a few minutes while you wait for your coffee to cool in the morning.

I hope you found these tips helpful! Let me know how you liked them and whether they work for you in the comments below!

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  • Thank-you! Very wise, insightful and timely.

    Hannah on

  • Thank-you! Very wise, insightful and timely.

    Hannah on

  • Thank you. This was very helpful
    Thank you

    CYNTHIA on

  • Absolutely love this! Simple, straight to the point and gives me hope!

    Dorajean Crowe on

  • These are good I’m a try it.

    DEcentra on

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