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7 Reasons to Start Meditating Today

Jul 18, 2018 0 comments
7 Reasons to Start Meditating Today

We have written numerous times about meditation and how beneficial it is both for your spiritual growth and overall health. If you haven’t started meditating by now, here are some benefits that might give you this final push towards adopting this highly useful practice. 


1. By meditating you reduce stress.

As you meditate, you achieve calmness by getting rid of agitation. No matter how controlled you believe you are, at a subconscious level you are dealing with stress and agitation that it creates. Given the rise in the usage of anti-stress and anti-anxiety medications world-wide, it is something that many people struggle with.
By meditating, you are taking charge over your emotions and your nervous system.
Scientific studies have shown that people who practice meditation have improved ability to regulate their emotions and the way they react to stressful situations.
That kind of control feels very empowering and with the lack of stress, you will be able to see immediate improvements in the quality of your life. 


 2. By Meditating you will improve focus and concentration

Meditation will drastically improve your concentration and focus with everything that you do. If you easily get distracted and have a problem with procrastinating, meditation will help you center on one thing. You will find even multi-tasking easier and your ability to switch from one problem solving to another will improve.
Meditation connects you with your true source of energy and increased ability to concentrate and memorize things is linked to this increased flow of energy that meditation invokes. 


 3. Meditation encourages you to live a healthy lifestyle.

 On a subconscious level, meditation will bring you closer to things, people and situations that are beneficial for you. You will find yourself naturally craving for things that are healthy and cutting out on those that aren’t – like alcohol or smoking.
People are creatures of habits and they often embrace those that are outright harmful for them in the long run.
By meditating, you will find yourself better connected to your body and your inner self. Making right choices that are beneficial for you will come naturally and instinctively. 


4. Meditation will help you increase self-awareness.

Many people have problems related to inability to control their temperament. Anger issues, fear, melancholy, etc. are all the things that you can regulate and improve by meditating. By clearing your mind, you can recognize your troublesome emotion, pinpoint it and eventually become detached from it.  By doing it, you will achieve self-awareness and self-acceptance that will contribute to betterment of your overall well-being.


5. Meditation will increase your feeling of happiness.

By meditating, you are on the fast track to becoming happy and keeping that state of mind, always. Scientific studies have shown that meditation increases activity in the left side of the prefrontal cortex of your brain, responsible for all the positive feelings and emotions. Similarly, the activity in the right side, responsible for negative feelings, decreases as we meditate.

6. As you meditate, you will increase acceptance of the things you have no control over

Many of us repeatedly encounter situations where we wish the circumstances have been different. We constantly berate ourselves over situations we have little or no control over.

Meditation enables us to see such situations and circumstances for what they are and accept them. Once we do, it helps us react to them in a best possible way, without losing sleep or energy over situations that we cannot change. It will gradually change the way how you feel and react to life, making you a happier person. 


7. It has been proven that meditation slows down the aging process.

There have been many scientific experiments that connected meditation to slowing down of the aging process.
Meditation helps preserve grey matter and slows down dying of brain cells. In addition to this, people who meditate have longer telomeres, which are indicators of their biological age.

While it doesn’t have direct effect on one’s lifespan, meditation indirectly affects it by reducing harmful effects of stress on the body and overall health.

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