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Crystal Healing – Wondrous Properties of Amethyst

Crystals are semi-precious stones that harness the energies of the Moon, the Sun and the oceans, connecting us to Earth whenever we come in touch with them. Some of these crystals are very popular and sought after for their amazing healing properties. Through their physical, tangible forms, they are able to connect us to the Earth as they have very strong vibrations. By wearing such a crystal close in your proximity, preferably as a jewelry piece that is in contact with your skin, it picks up on your unique energy and works as an amplifier of your positive thoughts and intent, helping them to manifest in your reality.

While there are infinite attestations about their curative properties and effects, they ultimately depend on your own experience. To allow manifestation of the crystal’s positive properties, it will take a conscious effort from your part to open both your mind and heart to its power. However, once you do, you are set on the journey filled with mysterious and beautiful energies that will improve the quality of your life.

When you start your spiritual journey and start discovering the power of positive thoughts and vibrations, energy of crystals will help a great deal. The positive thought and intention are starting points in this process as they become instilled into your thought patterns and become amplified and distributed through the crystal’s strong vibration and energy.

Amethyst Crystal –Meaning and History 

Amethyst has had numerous applications in the spiritual life of people throughout millennia and is believed to provide connection to the Divine. Hebrews knew of it as ‘Ahlamah’, the New Jerusalem’s twelfth foundation stone and as the 9th stone in the High Priest’s breastplate. The Egyptians knew of it is as a stone to be carved onto burial amulets, while in Eastern cultures it was often mentioned in descriptions of sacred ‘trees of life’, ‘gem cities’ and it was used in temples to align astrological and planetary influences, as well as for offerings to Deities to worship. It was very popular in prayer beads and rosaries, as it was known for imbuing a sense of quietude, an atmosphere of pious calm and mental peace.

Throughout history, Amethyst was also credited with ability to repel evil thoughts, to help men thrive in their businesses, as well as to increase one’s intelligence.  Travelers often wore it as a protection from surprise attacks and treachery, while soldiers wore it as an amulet that would give them victory and protect them from harm. Hunters believed that it assists them in capturing of fowl and wild beasts, while common folks considered it as a powerful stone with psychic abilities that can protect them against black magic and witchcraft, but also from contagion and disease.


Today’s Applications of Amethyst Crystal

In the hectic modern world, Amethyst is still a revered stone, used as a catalyst of contentment and spirituality thanks to its ability to inspire meditative and enhanced state of mind. Its high frequency of vibration is ideal to both create a protective ward around the body and purify the aura of negative attachments or energies. It allows the wearer to remain opened to spiritual direction and centered.

Wearing the jewelry made of Amethyst is known to stimulate the Crown, Third Eye and Etheric chakras, to accelerate development of psychic and intuitive abilities and enhance cognitive perception. It helps achieve greater understanding and wisdom and provides comfort to those who mourn or grieve.
Amethyst is also known as a stone that enhances passion and creativity, by refining the thinking process, improving assimilation of new ideas, strengthening intuition and imagination.

Today, it is often worn as a talisman for success and focus, as it helps in bringing projects to fruition and putting thought into action. It is available as a Natural Amethyst Mala that can be worn as a bracelet, or as a Healing Amethyst Pendant that you can wear on a chain around your neck.

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