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Chakras Exercise – Guide for the Beginners

Just like the rest of the universe, your body is made of energy. Even before development of the modern science and medicine, ancient cultures acknowledged that a certain life force existed within all living things. The seven energy centers in our bodies are called seven chakras. You may or may have not already heard about chakras and the importance of a free energy flow within our bodies.

Chakra is a word of Sanskrit origin, and literally means ‘a wheel’. According to Sanskrit teachings, life force (also called prana) is moving within your body, rotating and spinning. This life force energy has seven centers within your body. The first one starts at the base of your spine and the seventh ends at the top of your head.

When your body is well-balanced and healthy, these seven centers ensure that just the right amount of energy reaches every part of your body, spirit and mind.

If one of your energy centers spins too quickly or too slow, or is too open or too closed, your health will be affected accordingly.

By becoming aware of your chakras and their roles, you will become more attuned with the natural energy cycles within your body.

You can use that awareness to link spiritual, emotional or physical imbalances that you may have with the corresponding chakras that empower them. By learning how to balance your energy centers, you will open the doors to harmonious and healthy life.


The Seven Chakras Exercise


The following exercise has a goal to help you attune with your own body and see if you can feel the chakras working inside of you. Depending on your sensitivity, you may be able to feel the energy centers within your body right away, or not at all. Simply follow the exercise, go with the flow no matter how odd it may seem and soon you will be more experienced when dealing with your chakras.

If you have never done similar exercise before, you may take it as a form of introduction to chakras for beginners.

To start, make certain that the room where you’re performing the exercise is a quiet one. Sit for a moment in silence, while taking a few deep breaths. Try to feel the moment, be in it with your body and let the stress and tension slide away.

  1. As you sit, shift your focus to the base of your spine and your tailbone, while envisioning bright red light spinning in circles. Focus on feeling it rotate and pulsate together with your breathing. Keep that focus for a few moments.
  2. Start moving your focus up your spine, until you reach the midsection area bellow your belly button, then envision the bright orange light spinning in circles. Focus on the feeling it pulsate and move with your breath. Keep your focus there for a few moments.
  3. Continue moving your attention further up your body, until you reach the center of your stomach, somewhat above your belly button. You will probably be able to feel this area more easily as it is where you also feel stronger emotions like fear or love. Envision the bright yellow light pulsating at that spot as you breathe. Keep your focus for a few moments.
  4. Now, bring your focus even higher, where your heart is, to the center of your chest. Envision the radiant green light swirling and pulsating in that area. Keep your attention on it for a few moments as you breathe.
  5. Next, let your focus move up, until it reaches the area of your throat, right in the middle, where your collar bones meet. Envision there a bright blue light that is spinning and pulsating together with your breath. As you focus on this area, you may feel an urge to clear your throat or swallow.
  6. Start moving your attention even more up, and stop as you reach the area between your eyebrows on your forehead, where your third eye is. Envision deep indigo light pulsating and rotating in this area as you breathe. As the light continues to spin and becomes lighter, envision yourself becoming wiser.
  7. At last, move you focus to the top of your head, while envisioning violet light that spins and pulsates as you breathe, shining from the inside out. As you concentrate, envision this light connecting you to the universe and feel the peace that comes with this connection.

To stimulate and balance your chakras even more as you exercise, you can use the help of the special Chakra bracelets and pendants available in our store. Each gemstone bead in these jewelry pieces corresponds with one of the Chakras in your body.

The Chakra gemstones are Red Jasper, Carnelian, Calcite, Green Aventurine, Amazonite, Sodalite and Amethyst.

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