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The Best Crystals To Work With During Fall

Sometimes, life can be really confusing especially when you are out of tune with yourself and nature. Over the last few years, my life has changed drastically, for the better - thankfully, and one of the things that helped me make that change in my life is self-exploration and the devotion to my personal growth. As I explored myself more and more, I became more mindful not only of myself but also how the energy around me consistently shifted. And that helped me understand that even though most of us, most of the time, are disconnected from nature, we still have a deep connection with it.

Just think about it like this – when the weather changes, your mood changes as well. For example, when it’s sunny and bright, I personally feel more energized and ready to seize the day, when the weather is cloudy or raining, all I want to do is cuddle in a warm blanket and take some time for myself. These changes in the weather, affect us much more than we think, so you could only imagine how much the change of seasons affects you without you even noticing.

Right now, the shift from summer to autumn is complete, and with that the shift from a period of outgoingness and summer adventures, we will be entering a period of introspection and self-exploration. Autumn is a wonderful season to take a breather, slow down a bit, and every day devote some extra time to check up on yourself.

I love autumn, it’s the perfect time to rediscover myself, and to explore where I am at life. It’s not an easy road, but it’s the one that sets me free. Of course, that journey has been made a little easier when I work with the right crystals. You see, when the energy shifts, especially when we transition from one season to another, some crystals are better suited to help us make that shift as well. Today I am sharing with you the  best crystals to work with during autumn:


Did somebody say self-exploration? Because autumn is the perfect season to devote yourself to it, and Labradorite is definitely my favorite crystal for self-exploration in autumn. Labradorite is one of those beautiful, deeply soothing, calming, and nourishing crystals that calm the overthinking mind and allow you to dive into deeper self-exploration.

Whenever I feel like I need some well-deserved calmness, or to gain a deeper understanding of myself, I hold my Natural Labradorite Om Mala and take a few deep breaths. Then, I begin to chant mantras as I touch every bead.

As I experience calmness, my mind gets clearer, and it’s much easier to listen to my inner self. It’s a wonderful crystal to work with daily during autumn, to truly harness and enhance this beautiful energy for healing yourself.


Autumn is the season of slowing down and taking a breather. However, these energy shifts can truly be challenging for many people. A lot of the days, I feel sluggish or very low on energy – a truly horrible combination for a person with a busy lifestyle like me. On these days, if I don’t give myself an energy boost, it’s very likely that I’ll burn myself up. Luckily, working with the wonderful Carnelian helps me even the scales during those especially sluggish days when I still have to finish my daily tasks. This beautiful, vibrant crystal is a crystal of empowerment, motivation, and revitalization.

During those sluggish days, I make sure to wear my Natural Carnelian Lotus Mala. Every time I feel like my energy or focus is dropping, I simply take a moment to put my left hand on the bracelet and take three very deep breaths. I make sure to bring the whole attention to the crystal, and how with each inhale, I feel my energy growing. Then, I open my eyes, reenergized, and ready to complete the task.

Black Onyx


On some autumn days, it seems like my whole inner world is a mess. That usually happens when I force myself to endure my busy lifestyle without making the time to connect with myself and introspect. Whenever I find myself in this struggle, I pick up my Natural Matte Black Onyx Lotus Mala to gain some much needed mental and physical endurance and courage. I love working with Black Onyx because it helps me gain the strength to push through a hard day, but also I gain the courage to say no to extra tasks that will keep me away from introspecting and processing the whole day.

It’s really important to find that fine balance between getting things done and also keeping your mental and physical health in check. Whenever I find myself exhausted or thinking that I can’t make it, or I simply feel myself slipping into old patterns that keep me from my own wellbeing, I shut myself off for a few minutes and devote myself to chanting the following mantra as I hold each bead of the Natural Matte Black Onyx Lotus Mala: “I can overcome all difficulties. There is time, for enduring, and time for nourishing myself.”


During autumn, reflection and self-exploration are some of my priorities. And I have found that every time I explore I find profound knowledge about how I work, and respond the way I do. However, the more I explore, the more I understand that there are many emotional wounds left untaken care of, that even to this day bring me suffering, simply because I pushed them down when I should have focused on healing them. That is why during autumn I always make sure to wear a Natural Rhodonite Bracelet with me, to promote healing to these emotional wounds.

Rhodonite is an amazing crystal for self-love, self-acceptance, self-nourishment, and most importantly, for healing emotional wounds. The gentle, nourishing energy of Rhodonite, helps me to find kindness, understanding, and nurturing for my inner self, and my emotional wounds. It’s a beautiful healing crystal to help your nourish yourself with the love you need, during autumn.

Yellow Aventurine


And finally, I left one of my dearest autumn crystal for last. When I first started to work on myself, and explore myself during autumn, I felt really overwhelmed. I kept mixing up who I truly am, with who I wanted to be and as whom others often saw me as. It was really hard to gain a true perspective of myself. If you are just starting your self-exploration journey this autumn, I wholeheartedly recommend to try and work with a Natural Yellow Aventurine Lotus Mala. I loved working with Yellow Aventurine because it allows you to see your true inner self, and ease self-exploration. Furthermore, it’s a natural emotional balancer that enhances positive energy helping you to find the strength for self-acceptance. It’s a beautiful, powerful crystal to work with, especially during autumn!

I really hope that you found my experiences and journey into crystal healing helpful. I hope that I helped you to create a better life for yourself this autumn with these wonderful crystals for healing in autumn! Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • I love them all and will most likely purchase them to assist me in the changeover process. Thanks for sharing

    Joanne Derdaele on

  • I love them all and will most likely purchase them to assist me in the changeover process. Thanks for sharing

    Joanne Derdaele on

  • I love them all and will most likely purchase them to assist me in the changeover process. Thanks for sharing

    Joanne Derdaele on

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