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Mala Bead Colors and their Meaning - Part 2

In a previous blog post , we have explained how wearing or using mala beads of different colors and materials can amplify and invoke certain positive effects in the wearer or meditation practitioner.

After covering Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow and Green colors, it is time to introduce the rest of the color spectrum in which you can obtain these beneficial gems. Knowing exactly what the effects of each color are will help you choose the best mala beads for exactly what you want to enhance and the goals you want to achieve.

Blue Mala Beads

Blue Aventurine
enhances general communication skills, creativity and success in business endeavors. It can also help you be true to yourself and get rid of fear and self-doubt.


Lapis Lazuli is a stone that enhances self-expression, self-awareness and inner truth. It will stimulate the mind for easier decision-making and clarity of thoughts, while easing depression and stress. It is also known as a gemstone that helps balance the throat chakra.

Blue Ocean Jasper encourages independence, brings balance, protection and relieves emotional stress.


Purple Mala Beads

Amethyst – is a gemstone that has numerous beneficial properties – it enhances motivation and memory and brings tranquility and protection. It helps against insomnia, negative emotions, depression, grief, sadness and anxiety. It can also help in battling against addictions. Amethyst stimulates the third-eye chakra.

Black Mala Beads


Obsidian – this gemstone repels negative energy and confusion, enhances protection, clarity, growth and strength. It is helpful in resolving obstacles and emotional blocks and brings stability.

Black Onyx – Enhances good fortune, strength, health and vigor and protects against negativity and grief. It also helps promote self-control, so it is recommended to those who are fighting an addiction. It also balances body energy and helps increase stamina.


White and Translucent Mala Beads 

White Howlite – promotes good memory and increases one’s desire to learn. It brings positivity, calmness and patience, while expanding horizons and opening one’s mind to accept knew knowledge.
It is also very efficient against insomnia, hyperactivity of the mind, angry feelings and disappointment. This gemstone is known to stimulate third-eye chakra.

Clear Quartz – it is often used to amplify the effects of other gemstones. As a stand-alone crystal, it repels negativity, helps in healing and is especially good for meditation, as it amplifies meditation effects.


Brown and Wood Mala Beads

Bodhi seed/ Rudrashka  – This particular wood promotes awakening, faith and dedication, and is considered a wood of spiritual promise. It is known that Buddha attained enlightenment while meditating under a Bodhi tree.

Brown Agate – enhances self-confidence, inner stability, concentration and increases analytical abilities in a wearer. It is known to empower relationship with loved ones by promoting forgiveness and banishing negativity and bitterness.

Sandalwood helps attract positivity and promotes a tranquil, calm state of mind, so it is excellent for meditation and spiritual practice.

We also suggest you have a look at our entire collection of malas, all made from beneficial gemstones that might have not been mentioned in the article by clicking here.

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  • Which stone is good for me as picses that I can be use for my Root chakra?

    Abdhakeem on

  • Do you have the meaning for aquamarine mala beads? I just ordered an aquamarine mala from you and am looking forward to receiving it! I don’t see its meaning in your notes on blue stones above. Thanks :)

    Lynn on

  • These articles are great, they really help me to decide what Mala to buy next depending on what is going on for me. Thank you for publishing this.

    Linda Kitson on

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