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Mala Bead Colors and their Meaning - Part 1

Mala beads have been used for hundreds of years as a beautiful and handy tool that enhances meditation effects. Meditation practitioners often wear a mala as bracelets or necklaces – both for their beauty and for increased beneficial effects of the materials they are made of. Malas usually have 108 beads and are used during meditation to count repetitions of mantra or breaths. Wearing a mala as jewelry throughout the day also helps meditation practitioners to remember to be mindful in all situations.

For meditation purposes you can use any type of mala beads. However, certain materials and colors amplify certain qualities on their own, and as such can be even more significant and useful to the wearer. Using a mala of specific color and material, can help achieve certain purposes and directions in life more easily.

Red Mala Beads

  • Red jasper – Mala beads made of red jasper help increase the following qualities in the wearer/meditation practitioner: organization, grounding, creativity, empathy, rejuvenation, focus and mental clarity. It also promotes recovery from illness.
  • Garnet – enhances energizing, cleansing, balances sex drive, inspires devotion and love, courage, self-confidence, perception. It also helps in removing taboos and inhibitions.
  • Red Tiger Eye – promotes motivation, protection, perception, humbleness, confidence, increases sex drive. 

Pink Mala Beads

  • Rose quartz – promotes the following qualities – harmony, truth, unconditional love, self-love and friendship. It opens and purifies the heart, dispels negativity and gives comfort in grief.
  • Rhodonite – increases self-love, forgiveness, confidence. It helps heal emotional pain, balances emotions and supports the heart chakra.
  • Unakite – enhances balance, grounding, rebirth, overcoming inhibitions, release of anger and pain. It is very useful for people who deal with big changes in their life and need help with letting go of past. 

Orange Mala Beads

  • Carnelian – increases motivation, creativity, courage, positive life choices, compassion, passion, sexuality, fertility and vitality. It helps with concentration and depression issues, as well as overcoming abuse.
  • Amber – promotes cleansing, stress relief, vitality, emotional healing and brings good luck. It is useful for those who deal with long illness and helps attract pleasure, happiness and love.
  • Goldstone – helps achieve calmness, emotional stability, attaining goals, protection and energy generation.


Yellow Mala Beads

  • Citrine – inspires prosperity, success in both business and personal affairs. It enhances stability and energy flow and stimulates solar plexus chakra.
  • Yellow Jade – promotes moderation, wisdom, empathy, compassion, balances emotions and gives perspective. Wearing yellow jade is said to help in understanding dreams, learning and processing new information.
  • Honey Calcite – helps through challenging times, promotes self-confidence, vitality, energy, persistence and strength. It is useful for people who deal with depression, while meditating with mala beads made of honey calcite is known to help in changing persistent thoughts. It stimulates the crown chakra.

Green Mala Beads

  • Green aventurine with its comforting properties enhances empathy, perseverance, compassion, and decisiveness, wellbeing, calm and healing. It is especially useful for those on leader and managing positions.
  • Moss Agate – often varies in color from blue to green and is known to promote self-esteem, personal growth, strength, as well as to help balance emotions. It also invokes optimism and inspiration.
  • Green Jade - enhances creative thinking and insightful dreams, soothes the mind and attracts friendship and good luck. It also helps to release negativity. It is known to balance the hearth chakra.
  • Malachite - inspires confidence, emotional balance and creativity, while also providing comfort in challenging times. It can be used as additional help in overcoming bad behaviors and habits.


Considering that every gemstone has a different combination of healing properties and energy, when choosing a meditation mala, take into account which properties would benefit you the most. What are you trying to achieve with your meditation – increase creativity, reduce stress, balance the chakras? Each purpose has a corresponding color and material that empowers their achievement. Check out our selection of mala beads and find the one that corresponds with your goals the best.



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