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How To Connect With Your Inner Self

Apr 22, 2022 0 comments
How To Connect With Your Inner Self

Spiritual growth is always a profound yet complicated journey. You never know where your path will take you, and yet it’s always where you need to be. However, having that reassurance that wherever I am that’s where I need to be, didn’t come easily for me. I am a person that likes to plan, predict, and control life. For me it was really hard to simply let go, and allow life to take its course, because every time I sat still, I noticed that the chaos, the unpredictability, was all inside me, which is why I very naturally tried to control things outside me. It’s strange how we always look outwards for what we lack inwards. So, for me, connecting with my inner self, and gaining inner peace has been a crucial part of my spiritual journey. If you have been struggling to create inner connection for yourself, here are a few activities and tips that helped me to create inner connection for myself:


Daily Mindful Check Ins

As I made inner connection one of my higher priorities in my spiritual growth, I felt genuinely lost. Pinpointing that I didn’t really have an inner connection was a big revelation, I felt so encouraged to start this healing and growing journey, only to find myself lost. How do I even start to connect with my inner self? The reality was that I was so disconnected with myself, that even though I started my healing journey, I lacked the inner awareness to actually know where to begin. However, I never gave up! The very first step that I took was just that - gaining inner awareness. Sometimes, all you have to do is look at your issues and instead of choosing to see them as obstacles, you can choose to see them as opportunities for growth.



Gaining inner awareness was like building muscle, I had to start small and build up from there. The more I worked on it, the greater my inner awareness became, and soon I started to connect with my inner self. I started to do daily mindful check-ins, where a couple of times of the day, I’d take a couple of minutes off and just ask myself how I feel. I’d spend a few mindful minutes, trying to feel my body, notice any racing thoughts or emotions and simply catalog those sensations in my mind. I wasn’t looking for solutions, I wasn’t looking to change that state of mind, I was just looking to be aware of my inner state. The more aware I became, the better understanding I gained for myself. And the more I understood the more I connected. If you struggle to make this habit conscious, you can even set up one or two alarms in the day to remember to do a daily mindful check in.


Be An Understanding Parent To Yourself



Parents have an enormous role in our upbringing and in the way we see and become ourselves. However, regardless of your relationship with your parents, sooner or later you become your own person. You become the person with the sole responsibility for your life. But that doesn’t mean that you have all the answers. I often thought that when adulthood came, naturally I’ll become wiser and I’ll simply know the right things to do in life. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and even today I still feel lost from time to time, unsure what the next step is. But that’s okay! Nobody has all the answers all the time.


And yet, at moments I felt that there are two of me, living inside. A part of me that is still young and yearns for the guidance of a parent, and a part of me that grew up and needed to have all the answers, but didn’t. As I realized the dual nature of my inner self, I also became aware that although both sides of me had different needs, they both lacked understanding for each part. Although my inner younger self needed guidance, and sought it from my now adult self, she needed to understand that a lot of the time my adult self won’t have all the answers, or the guidance, and that’s okay because life will always change, and make its way. So, my main goal was to be understanding of both parts of me, like a caring and understanding parent of two children. The more I gave kindness, understanding and comfort to each part, the more they clicked and connected. The more they connected, the more I felt connected to each and every part of my inner self.




And last, but not the least, meditating daily helped me immensely to connect with my inner self. At the beginning I started off with a couple of easier meditations where I simply focused on my breathwork. Then, I started to do more focused and mindful, yet simple meditations like a body scan. Later on, I focused on guided meditations I found on the internet (usually on Youtube), more specifically ones that focused on connecting with your inner, higher self. These were a bit more challenging for me, because they were longer and my mind is always racing, so I tend to lose focus after the first 10-15 minutes.


I struggled a lot to enhance my focus, but luckily I started to work with a Natural Amethyst and Chrysocolla Lotus Mala which helped me immensely to immerse myself in these meditations, and to truly connect with my inner self. As I turned each bead, my focus was always returning to the purpose of the meditation, which allowed me to make my focus razor sharp. And on the other hand, Amethyst and Chrysocolla are both soothing crystals that help to more easily connect with your inner self, which made this mala the perfect partner for my inner self connection meditations.

I wholeheartedly recommend that you start meditating daily, even if you don’t plan on going in-depth in more complicated and advanced meditations. Simply doing a body scan before you go to bed, or a 5 minute mantra meditation can help you on your path to inner connection.


I hope that you have found these tips helpful, and that you can enhance your spiritual journey with them! Let me know in the comments below, which tip did you find most helpful? What helped you the most to connect with your inner self?

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