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Benefits Of Sandalwood Incense and Essential Oils

From the beginning of human history, essential oils and burning incense have always had enormous role in religious and cultural practices across the globe. In western countries they have recently grew in popularity as well. You can now find incenses and essential oils even in grocery- and healthy food stores.

Sandalwood essential oil is made from the Santalum tree wood and it has been proven to provide numerous health benefits. This oil is considerably expensive, so scented candles and incense sticks are often used as more affordable alternatives.

We have our own collection of aromatic Natural Sandalwood Incense that can be used in our ceramic Meditating Buddha Incense Burner. It makes a great addition to any home and will fill your space with a beautiful scent. 

By burning a sandalwood incense, you can infuse the atmosphere around you with a healing aroma, offering benefits similar to those of an essential oil.

Sandalwood essential oil provides a wide range of benefits – eases nausea, gastritis and increases production of gastric juices. It helps the body extract the excess liquids, causes the muscles to contract and simulates the urine production. It also has antiseptic properties that can help in dealing with infections.
It is also a valuable ingredient in many cosmetic products as it helps remedy cracked and dry skin.

For a long time people have considered Sandalwood as an aphrodisiac, so burning this incense is believed to help create a romantic atmosphere.

Due to its preservative and antiseptic properties, Sandalwood is often used as an important ingredient in making of soaps and various beauty creams

One of the main compounds of Sandalwood is – santalol. It gives the Sandalwood its distinctive fragrance, is considered as a natural sedative so it helps you fall asleep.  Tannin is another component of Sandalwood that stops bleeding, tightens loose tissues, prevents infections and heals damaged skin.

Ayurveda, an Indian old healing tradition also has a great use of Sandalwood. They use burning incense sticks with Sandalwood aroma to release natural antiseptics and cleanse the air.

Due to its specific properties, breathing in sandalwood aromatic fragrance can help you fall asleep more easily, relieve anxiety and lift melancholy. It will help you subdue feelings of irritability and aggression, promote openness and compassion and enhance benefits of meditation.
Sandalwood aroma is often used in combination with bergamot or lavender incenses to help relieve stress.

Other woody incenses that offer similar benefits as Sandalwood are frankincense and cedar, as they also promote feelings of calm and peace.

In a form of essential oil, Sandalwood is more expensive, but its benefits are undeniable. If you put a few drops in a hot bathing water, it can help treat dry or cracked skin, while inhaling such steam is good for lungs. It helps in drying up excess mucus, wet coughs, eases bronchitis, diarrhea and stuffy heads. If you add a few drops of Sandalwood essential oil to the body lotion that you are already using, its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties can sooth itchy skin and rashes.

Sandalwood incense sticks are particularly popular among meditation practitioners who use the beneficial effects of Sandalwood fragrance to enhance meditation or visualization effects. Even with simple, mundane tasks, this aroma will help your mind feel peacful and surrounded by beauty.

When you meditate or exercise, make it your practice to light up a sandalwood incense stick. As you breathe in its heady fragrance, let your mind flow with the scent. Close your eyes and after making a few deep breaths, visualize that you are walking along a mountain path, under a gentle spring sun. Imagine that the fragrance itself comes from the trees that are lining your path. With this short and simple visualization practice, you will definitely make your meditation or exercise time more enjoyable.

It is also known that Sandalwood incense fragrance stimulates the seventh Chakra, which improves trust and self-identity. It also promotes enthusiasm, increases energy, zest for life and self-esteem.
To increase beneficial properties of Sandalwood, burn its incense during full moons. This practice will also enhance spiritual vibrations within your home.

You can also write a wish on a chip made of sandalwood and put it inside an incense burner. The aroma will improve the effects of your meditations and realizing powers of your wishes.

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