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4 Mini Mala Meditations for Improving Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is very important. It’s the time your body and mind needs to take so that it can process everything that’s happened, get the needed rest after a long day and of course to reset for the following day. However, your well-being will worsen if you are not getting enough quality sleep. And in these harsh times, we have all found ourselves laying wide awake in the middle of the night, right? To help you overcome any sleeping issues that you might be struggling with, today I am sharing with you 4 of the best mini mala mediations to help you improve your sleep. Here is how to do them!

1. Improving Quality Of Sleep – Natural Howlite and Jasper Lotus Mala

Sometimes, falling asleep is not the issue – rather it’s the quality of sleep. You fall asleep fine, and then you find yourself wide awake in the middle of the night. You wake and wake and wake, for no reason at all. And when you are finally sinking into the rest that you have been yearning for all night long, the alarm goes off. I cannot explain how many times I have found myself in this situation. It’s frustrating, especially when you are very tired and you desperately need the rest. However, I have discovered the solution – a quick meditation before I go to sleep with a Natural Howlite and Jasper Lotus Mala, and I fall into the realm of undisturbed, peaceful sleep all night long.

The Natural Howlite and Jasper Lotus Mala promotes better, improved sleep simply because of their calming, positive energies that slowly take over your mind and body – taking into an ultimate state of peaceful relaxation. Simply wearing the bracelet is enough to help you sleep better.

However, to make sure that you get the best rest, I recommend that you do a mini mantra meditation when you get into bed. Instead of taking the mala off, wear it on your left hand to prevent the mala slipping off your hand during sleep, and with your right hand gently touch each stone as you repeat “I embrace calmness with every breath”. The most important part is to make sure you finish your 108 repetitions before falling asleep.

2. Calming Your Anxious Mind – Natural Amethyst Mala

Have you ever gone to bed, only to be trapped in a never-ending circle of overthinking what tomorrow may bring? Anxiety is a very vicious night time partner that exhausts you and often leaves you without a wink of sleep. If your anxiety is keeping you awake, it’s time to take its power away by meditating with a Natural Amethyst Mala. Natural Amethyst is one of the best crystals for soothing your nerves and calming your anxious mind because it promotes clarity of mind with the soothing, gentle energy it emits. Here is how to calm your anxiety down:


Make sure you get everything done before you go to bed – brush your teeth, send any last-minute emails – whichever it is make sure you get it all done. Then turn off the internet on your phone, or set it on airplane mode until morning.

Sit upright in your bed and take your Natural Amethyst Mala in your hand. Take ten deep breaths. Hold each breath for two seconds and then exhale. Focus your attention to the Natural Amethyst Mala. In the beginning, it might feel like a vague, tingling sensation in your hands before you deepen the connection with the crystal over time. Take a few moments to make yourself acquainted with the soothing energy of your mala. Then touch each bead and repeat the following mantra: “I am becoming a source of calmness and sinking into a worry-free sleep surrender.” Don’t count the beads, but when you feel like you have gotten through almost half of them, slowly lay down into your bed, close your eyes, and continue the mantra meditation until the end. Don't worry if you fall asleep before you finish it!

3. Protecting Yourself From Nightmares – Natural Matte Black Onyx Lotus Mala

If you have been struggling with horrible nightmares while you sleep, unable to wake up and unable to rest, then meditating with a Natural Matte Black Onyx Lotus Mala can help you protect yourself from nightmares. Black Onyx is a strong grounding and protective crystal, that absorbs negative energy and acts as a shield against it. Here is how to protect yourself from nightmares:

Stand before your bed and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths to calm yourself down. Focus on your current state – what do you feel? It’s only natural to be fearful and restless before going to bed when experiencing frequent nightmares. Envision that energy as a dark cloud, stirring within your body. Visualize the dark cloud getting smaller and smaller with each exhale. Take deep breaths until all of the dark clouds are out of your body. Now, open your eyes and sit on your bed. Take your Natural Matte Black Onyx Lotus Mala and repeat the following mantra: “I embrace the dreamless rest as it envelopes me”. Then, after you finish, put your mala as a necklace on you and take a deep breath as you think to yourself “I am safe. I am protected.”

4. Accepting Yourself & Letting Go Of Self-Judgement - Natural Rose Quartz Mala

Do you often go to bed and start thinking – “I could have done better today?”. Constructive self-criticism is healthy, however, if you feel disappointed of yourself at the end of that session, then you are indulging in self-judgment. These thoughts only keep you awake longer, they make you frustrated, and even if you fall asleep, the next day you still feel fatigued. It’s time to change that by accepting yourself with the help of Natural Rose Quartz Buddha Mala. Rose Quartz is the best crystal that can help you open the gates to unwavering self-love and self-acceptance because its gentle energies will nourish your soul, body, and mind into loving, appreciating and accepting yourself.

I recommend that every night, you take a nice, long relaxing bath with your Natural Rose Quartz Buddha Mala before going to sleep. As you soak yourself in the water, take a few moments to focus on the bigger picture – instead of focusing on what you did wrong, what you didn’t get to finish, focus on what you accomplished and what you did right. I like to set a goal for myself to think of three things I accomplished and did right. Then, when I raise my vibrations and I am connecting better with the Natural Rose Quartz Buddha Mala, I go to bed, lay down and simply mediate with my mala with the following mantra: “I welcome a new day, with endless possibilities to do better”.

I hope you enjoyed these tips for a better night's sleep! Let me know if the comments if you have any other tricks that work for you.


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