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The Benefits Of Rose Quartz

Mar 21, 2020 0 comments
The Benefits Of Rose Quartz

During the past couple of years, I devoted myself to self-improvement and developing genuine self-love. It hasn’t been an easy journey, and I still have a long way to go, however, once you make that conscious decision to improve yourself, to be better, for yourself everything changes -  even if you lead a busy lifestyle like myself. The hardest part for me on this journey was to develop genuine self-love. You see, I was prone to think that taking care of myself, and loving myself was selfish, unimportant and I never made time for myself.

I hated that even though I worked so hard in my life, I still wasn’t happy or fulfilled. I realized that something had to change, and as I was trying out different things, I stumbled on crystal healing. I started working with different crystals, one of my very first was Aquamarine, however the one I personally feel I have made the most progress with was definitely Rose Quartz. You see, each crystal embodies different energy and different properties. And each crystal I have worked with has helped me work on a different part of myself.

Rose Quartz is such a gentle and loving crystal, and because I was having the most trouble with self-acceptance and self-love, Rose Quartz has been one of the best discoveries I made while learning crystal healing. If you struggle like me to find the courage and strength to open up your heart and let love in – even if it’s just for yourself, then today I am sharing with you the benefits of the gentle Rose Quartz, and everything you need to know about it!

What is Rose Quartz?

The gentle, pink Rose Quartz is a very common crystal that in nature is always found in big clusters. Its name comes from the beautiful rosy color that can vary in different shades – from very light pink to deeper pink. Rose Quartz can be found everywhere around the world, and today it’s very common to acquire. In the past, Rose Quartz has been used many times through the centuries of human evolution. It has even been found in Egyptian pyramids!

What is the spiritual meaning of Rose Quartz?

Today, Rose Quartz is one of the most commonly used crystals in crystal healing. Many people use it to attract their soulmates or to improve their relationships, however, Rose Quartz has many other uses beyond finding your partner. If Rose Quartz caught your eye, then you might be in need of healing your emotional wounds, or perhaps your Heart Chakra needs healing.

In a spiritual sense, Rose Quartz has energy frequencies that help you manifest and attract love wherever you go. If you often feel angry at yourself, or you are in the habit of judging yourself, then Rose Quartz’s gentle, soothing energy will help you shift towards a kinder, gentler and more loving way of treating yourself.

What I love most about Rose Quartz is that it helps in realizing that sometimes you are trying to give love, when you have none for yourself. And if you don’t have any to spare for yourself, are you truly giving out love, or are you, in reality, trying to attract someone else’s love to fill the void of not loving yourself?

The Benefits Of Rose Quartz

One of the first things I noticed when I started working with Rose Quartz was that I was surprisingly less prone to lashing out to myself. In the beginning, it even felt unnatural for me, because I was so set in my old ways of self-doubt, self-judging, and self-punishment. But little by little, it became clear to me that the only unnatural thing that I have been doing was treating myself as bad as I did in the past. Rose Quartz affected me deeply on a spiritual and physical level. I found myself smiling more often, and happier in general. It felt as if a little fountain of joy and love was opened in my very soul, and drop by drop it filled me with joy and fulfillment. There are so many benefits of working with Rose Quartz, and here are some of the most important ones:

Balances the Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz is a crystal that is well-known for its ability to interact, connect and balance with the Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra is the bridge between the two types of chakras and the energy center of every aspect of love that exists in your life. Loving as well as understanding yourself and others genuinely are the groundwork for creating loving, lasting relationships in your life. When the Heart Chakra is out of balance, you might have a feeling of being lost, sad, or angry at yourself, confused about who you truly are, and the connections you form with others will be fragile, prone to drama and emotional suffering.

It’s hard to accept yourself and to love genuinely, especially when you are set in the old ways of self-judgment and self-doubt. However, each change and each journey begins with a single step. Meditating with a Natural Rose Quartz Buddha Mala can help you to unblock your Heart Chakra and little by little to explore yourself, understand yourself and finally through self-acceptance to develop self-love. If you prefer a more unique piece, try wearing the Natural Healing Wrap Bracelet which is also made with natural rose quartz.

Helps To Heal Emotional Wounds

One of the biggest discoveries on my journey to self-love was to discover that I was carrying with myself a lot of emotional wounds. Emotional wounds are wounds that aren’t physical, yet they cause us emotional pain when we apply pressure on them. I was aware that I was unhealthy in some ways, but the more I explored myself, the more I realized that I haven’t truly healed from my traumas, and emotional wounds – I was simply covering them up in an attempt to hide them, from myself and others.

We all carry emotional wounds in ourselves because life carries both: love and pain. However, simply ignoring the wounds won’t cut it if you truly want to awaken self-love and become healthier. It’s hard to explore what causes these wounds, which is where Rose Quartz comes in handy. Because it radiates with a nourishing, gentle, supporting energy, Rose Quartz can help you gain the courage and strength to explore these issues and heal them, even if the process might be a bit painful.

Think of it this way - when you cut your hand accidentally, you apply alcohol and medicine to the cut even though it burns so that the wound can heal properly. It’s the same way with emotional wounds, except you have Rose Quartz to support you and guide you through the healing process so that you can truly genuinely accept and love yourself!

Helps Improving Relationships With Loved Ones

As you work with Rose Quartz, you will soon realize that you are not only more understanding and kind towards yourself, but also to others. Rose Quartz helps in opening you up into such a pure and genuine love, that you will be no longer ruled by the fear of loving your close ones. You will find yourself becoming gentler, calmer, kinder and more loving, without expecting anything in return from others. As you do so, your relationship with your family, friends, and partner will improve, making them healthier and stronger than ever.


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