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Mantra Meditation Tips for Beginners

Dec 12, 2018 0 comments
Mantra Meditation Tips for Beginners

Mantra meditation is known for a number of different benefits. It can be used as a way to cope with overwhelming emotions and unwelcome distractions, to overcome different fears and difficulties with falling (and staying) asleep.

However, mantra meditation also has a spiritual purpose that affects one’s being on a much deeper level. By reciting mantra as you meditate, you can align your mind and your heart and even, according to Christian and certain Hindu traditions, achieve connection with the divine. In Buddhist tradition, mantra meditation is used to keep the mind open, in a focused state and fully aware of the present moment. Repetition of a mantra, with the help of an appropriate mala, helps you evoke confidence and positive qualities within yourself.

How to meditate with mantra meditation technique

  1. The first step is to find the mantra that resonates with what you’re trying to achieve through your meditation. There are mantras that help maintain or improve health, those that help calm your mind and those that support and enhance your spiritual efforts. In the blog post "meditation mantras and their significance" we have covered several mantras and their meanings, if you are not certain which one to use.

    Many people have reported that repeating a mantra during meditation helped them achieve deeper levels of relaxation, improved their general well-being, by reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. Reciting a mantra with the help of appropriate mala beads can enhance the desired results even further.

  2. Assume a comfortable position, and keep your initial intention in mind. A comfortable position will enable you to enjoy your mantra meditation and achieve a full focus on the intent you want manifested, without disturbances. The same goes for other sensory over-stimulation that can have distracting effect – loud background noise or music, a light that is too bright, etc.

    For ideal mantra meditation, you will want a quiet and comfortable place, enriched by the scent of the burnt incense.
    As you assume a seating position for your meditation, slowly shift your focus to your breathing, as your body gets accustomed to the new position. Take a moment to check in, notice if there are spots of resistance of tension in your muscles. Gently let it go, as you keep your focus on your breathing. These preparations will help you calm your mind and achieve optimal results when you start repeating the mantra.

  3. After you have calmed your mind by being mindful of your breathing, start repeating your chosen mantra, all while being aware of your intent. The appropriate mala beads will help you remain focused on the mantra instead on counting the repetitions. Try to remain as relaxed as possible, without seeking to achieve any ‘transcendent experience’. Simply go with the flow and remain in the moment, being yourself.

Mantra meditation can last for as long as you feel comfortable doing it. You shouldn’t put any pressure on your body or mind, simply enjoy in the practice. Mantra will also serve as an anchor that will keep your body and mind in a relaxed state when you get overwhelmed by emotions or thoughts that can upstage your meditation efforts. By doing mantra meditation regularly, you will soon begin to see beneficial effects and the meditation itself will become like a second nature to you, something that you will look forward to every day.

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