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Healing Crystals of the Zodiac

Crystals come in various sizes, shapes and prices and it is believed that they have the power to change the energy inside and around the wearer. If you are considering to start using the crystals for their wide range of beneficial properties, the only difficulty you might face is that there are so many to choose from.

One of the ways to make this choice easier is to opt for the crystal that matches your Zodiac sign. Some crystals share a lot of traits with your specific zodiac sign and using malas or jewelry made of those can help you improve your sign’s typical bad habits or fine-tune its traits.



The crystals that best resonate with Aries Zodiac sign are Citrine, Garnet and Carnelian. You can use Citrine mala as you meditate to strengthen your intentions and manifest your dreams. Garnet sends high vibrations that spread throughout your body, enhancing your energy and increasing your endurance. Garnet crystal basically ensures that you achieve your highest potential in your endeavors.
Carnelian crystal resonates with your inner voice, helping you to counter self-doubt and increase confidence.


Peridot is the crystal that resonates well with Taurus Zodiac sign, helping those born in this sign to trust their instincts and be more courageous.
Taurus sign can also use Carnelian crystal, which gives additional energy to move forward whenever you find yourself stuck in an unfavorable situation.
Another beneficial crystal for this Zodiac sign is Pyrite, believed to bring blessings, support perseverance and brings results of hard work.


The crystals that best resonate with Gemini Zodiac sign are Jade, Carnelian crystal and rutilated Quartz.
Jade helps extract negative energy and brings peace and balance to your intellectual, emotional and physical body. Quartz will help you connect with your highest spiritual states, while Carnelian promotes personal power and joy.


The crystals that best resonate with Cancer Zodiac sign are Moonstone, red Jasper and Abalone shell.
Moonstone harnesses the energy of the Moon, as its name suggests, helping your free spirit on its journey. Red Jasper attracts support from loved ones and helps in overcoming adversities and building stamina. Abalone shell increases your perceptiveness and makes you more fine-tuned with the feelings of others.


The crystals that best resonate with Leo Zodiac sign are Tiger’s eye, Garnet and Carnelian crystal.

Tiger’s eye is believed to be charged by the sun itself, and helps in evolution of your soul as you grow wiser and older each day. Carnelian will support and enhance your creative thinking and endeavors, while Garnet will help increase your passion and inner fire.


The crystals that best resonate with Virgo Zodiac sign are Red Jasper, Kyanite and Jade.
Red Jasper helps you keep centered and grounded, Kyanite supports balancing of your chakras and brings protection so you can venture beyond your zone of comfort. Jade attracts prosperity and abundance to your life and at the same time keeps you down to earth and connects you with the nature.


The crystals that best resonate with Libra Zodiac sign are Lapis Lazuli, Citrine and Labradorite. Lapis Lazuli promotes better decision-making, Citrine balances your energies and promotes optimism, while Labradorite protects and clears your entire aura.


The crystals that best resonate with Scorpio Zodiac sign are Citrine, Amethyst and Malachite. Citrine invokes feelings of serenity, joy and happiness, Amethyst helps in opening your crown chakra, thus bringing you peace of mind. Malachite will help in transformation of negative energies into positive ones, supporting emotional healing.


The crystals that best resonate with Sagittarius Zodiac sign are Bronzite, Citrine and Turquoise. Bronzite acts as a potent catalyst for any changes you want to bring into your life, Turquoise will provide guidance and help improve your natural intuition, while Citrine supports reconnecting with your inner self and staying true to who you are within your soul.


The crystals that best resonate with Capricorn Zodiac sign are Azurite, Peridot and Garnet. Azurite helps in accepting others and opening your heart, Peridot is helpful in energetic cleansing and aiding in your relationships, while Garnet with its serene vibrations rejuvenates your spirit.


The crystals that best resonate with Aquarius Zodiac sign are Aquamarine, Yellow Jasper and Amethyst.
Aquamarine helps in strengthening ideas of forgiveness and community, yellow jasper helps in healing emotional wounds, while amethyst helps restore balance to your body, spirit and mind.


The crystals that best resonate with Pisces Zodiac sign are Aquamarine, Chrysocolla and Amethyst.
Aquamarine will improve your insight and intuition, but also help reveal any underlying emotions that may have been burdening you. Chrysocolla helps in mending emotional wounds and working through your feelings, while Amethyst helps in bringing calm, peace and sense of relaxation.

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